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The Pentagon is funding research to beam solar energy from mega-orbiter satellites in space back down to Earth.

The main idea is to use "vast array of solar panels" situated in space since solar energy is 8 times as powerful as compared to on Earth. Even at that multiple one would have to wonder whether the benefits outweigh the added costs of deploying something similar on Earth land or water, consider the additional costs:

  • Building it robust enough for space

  • Launching the solar panel array into space

  • Maintenance work

  • Building the energy sending "beamer" and receiving "beamee" equipment

  • Safety concerns and the sure-to-follow rules and regulations of beaming this onto a Western country

"Low-orbiting satellites, as proposed for Palau, would pass over once every 90 minutes or so, transmitting power to a rectenna for perhaps five minutes, requiring long-term battery storage or immediate use for example, in recharging electric automobiles via built-in rectennas."

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