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February 20/21 will provide a unique lunar eclipse (where the Sun, Earth, and Moon form a straight line such that the Moon enters Earth's shadow):

The moon will appear rusty red with some shades of turquoise (caused by ozone refractions).

"The Moon is full, moves into the shadow of the Earth and dims dramatically but usually remains visible, lit by sunlight that passes through the Earth's atmosphere. Stronger atmospheric scattering of blue light means that the light that reaches the lunar surface is predominantly red in colour so observers on Earth see a Moon that may be brick-coloured, rusty, blood red or sometimes dark grey, depending on terrestrial conditions."

The moon will start to move behind Earth's shadow just after 8:30pm EST and will last almost 3 hours. A Lunar eclipse is safe for people to observe. Photographers will want long zoom lens and exposure bracketing. For more information on photographing the moon.

Perhaps the most exciting location to view the eclipse is on the moon itself - where the Earth would appear as a ring of bright red light!

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