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Why does the Moon appear larger when lower in the horizon?

It is interesting that this phenonomen has many theories but none have remained a clear-standing winner.

One theory says:

"...the moon's perceived visual angle, V' degrees, (perceived angular size) appears to decrease as it rises"

Another says:

"A very early explanation that Plug & Ross (1989, 2002) attribute to the 11th-century Arabian astronomer Ibn al-Haytham (known to us Alhazen) is that the we tend to perceive the sky as more or less a flat surface. Unlike a hemispherical surface, it does not seem to be equally distant from us at all points. When we see clouds, birds and airplanes in the sky, those near the horizon are typically farther away from us than those overhead. In other words, we perceive the sky near the horizon to be farther away than the sky overhead."

Two things that are known is that the closer the Moon is to the horizon the further it away from us - even as much as one Earth radius further AND that we are viewing it through more of the Earth's atmosphere.

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