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How long will it be until you know someone who travelled to space or even the moon? If we extrapolate recent trends one might be lead to believe it won't be that long.

As costs come down we should expect more and more opportunities for travelling into space. Someday we may even have people working on the moon, although commuting to the owner is probably not likely in the next decade.

Yesterday we looked at Space Ultima but in actuality we are seeing a continuing trend for ordinary citizens (albeit financially well off citizens) to travel into space.

Richard Branson is looking to provide the mode of transport for space travel.

"Owned by Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic and nearing completion in California's Mojave Desert, it should take Beattie into space within the next 18 months, at a cost of 156102,000.

It might not be EasyJet, but it is a start, says Beattie: "It'll be a lot cheaper in 10 years. I think the unveiling will be a big moment. People will sit up and take notice." Physicist Stephen Hawking is also planning a trip with Galactic after enjoying a gravity-free trip last year."


"More than 40 years later, a highly successful and extremely wealthy group - Richard Branson, of Virgin; Jeff Bezos, of Amazon; Elon Musk, of PayPal; and the US hotelier Robert Bigelow - is driving the race to get us into space."

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