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Ubuntu and Thawte founder Mark Shuttleworth was able to parlay some of the fortunes of his sale of Thawte to VeriSign to be one of the first citizens to space but now a 46 year old computer game developer (Richard Garriott) will also travel to the International Space Station (ISS) using a Russian spacecraft.

Some people are fortunate to satisfy their excitement at the possibility of seeing the curvature of the Earth first-hand.

"Garriott, 46, is paying about $30 million to launch to the ISS with two professional spaceflyers this fall under an agreement between Russia's Federal Space Agency and the Virginia-based firm Space Adventures. He is the creator of the Ultimate series of online computer games and is contemplating $15 million spacewalk as an additional mission perk.

The son of former NASA astronaut Owen Garriott, who flew aboard the U.S. Skylab station and a U.S. shuttle, the younger Garriott is set to become the first second-generation U.S. spaceflyer and the sixth paying visitor to the ISS during his mission."

A Russian Soyuz TMA 13 space craft will be used by Garriott to get to the space station where he will live on the Space Station for 6 weeks and is debating whether he will take part in a spacewalk.

Might be exciting to see what Garriott's next computer game turns out to be.

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