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If you thought stabilizing a telescope from earth was tricky, how about trying it from space with nothing to brace against?

Finding asteroids that may hit the earth is no easy matter, add to that the fact that scientists believe a big threat of such an asteroid is located somewhere between here (e.g. Earth) and the Sun and the problem becomes how do you stare into the Sun to locate and monitor such an asteroid?

Well maybe an easier problem to solve is launching a satellite with a telescope into space and viewing it without the Sun in the background. Now you have the problem of the cost of another Hubble, so naturally they turned towards microsatellites.

Canada's specialty is in shrinking the equipment that holds a satellite stable in space, which allows a very small satellite to aim a telescope without having its aim wobble.

The obvious move is to take advantage of microsatellites and avoid the costs of a giant 11 ton Hubble.

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