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NASA claims the White House is ready to walk away from the $100 billion International Space Station.

We previously talked about China's ambitions for space and the deprecation of Hubble but recent claims suggest that the Internation Space Station is in jeopardy.

A variety of events have all contributed to the reality that Washington is financially strapped. The financial crisis, the enourmous debt, the trade deficit, the ongoing cost of the Afganistan and Iraq wars are all adding to the financial stresses. Various budgets are being affected.

The possibility exists that NASA's budget may be a big item to fall:

Despite growing dismay that the United States will have no way to fly its astronauts to the space station after the space shuttles are retired in 2010, Griffin said the White House Office of Management and Budget was content to pay Russia for the service. But if that deal fell through, he wrote in the e-mail, "well, that was okay, too," with White House officials.

China and their space strategy may stand the most to gain.

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