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    1. NASA Asteroid Hunter Spacecraft Data Available to Public
      Thu Jun 22 09:57:05 2017
      Millions of images of celestial objects, including asteroids, observed by NASAs NEOWISE spacecraft now are available online to the public. [...]
    2. NASA Announces 10, Thats Right 10! New Planets in Their Stars Habitable Zone
      Tue Jun 20 13:22:54 2017
      The latest catalog to be released by the Kepler mission features and additional 10 potentially-habitable planets, and has led to some interesting conclusions about those that have been discovered so far. The post NASA Announces 10, Thats R[...]
    3. Ten near-Earth size planets in habitable zone of their star
      Tue Jun 20 11:33:31 2017
      NASAs Kepler space telescope team has released a mission catalog of planet candidates that introduces 219 new planet candidates, 10 of which are near-Earth size and orbiting in their stars habitable zone, which is the range of distance from a star wh[...]
    4. Did a Starry Mosh Pit Spawn LIGOs Gravitational Waves? Kavli Roundtable
      Fri Jun 2 11:00:00 2017
      Scientists are finding dozens of black holes within densely packed collections of stars called globular clusters. A computer simulation is revealing these clusters secrets, including whether they gave rise to recently observed gravitational waves. [...]
    5. BEAM Inflatable Space Habitat Has Successful 1st Year in Orbit
      Fri Jun 2 04:58:00 2017
      After one year in space, the Bigelow Expandable Activity Module thats attached to the International Space Station is performing as expected in withstanding the harsh environment of space. [...]
    6. Astronomy Cast Ep. 450: Inflatable Habitats
      Wed May 31 11:12:02 2017
      In order to live in space, well need to live in a habitat that simulates the temperature, pressure and atmosphere of Earth. And one of the most interesting ideas for how to do this will be with inflatable habitats. In fact, there are a few ha[...]
    7. Super-Earth Planet Found in the Habitable Zone of a Nearby Star
      Tue May 30 13:43:43 2017
      A study produced by an international team of researchers, using the HARPS-N survey, has detected a potentially habitable super-Earth just 21 light years away. The post Super-Earth Planet Found in the Habitable Zone of a Nearby Star appeared firs[...]
    8. The search for a habitable second Earth
      Sat May 27 14:00:00 2017
      Contact with extraterrestrial life would be an epochal event. Even the discovery of a simple alien organism would be transformative, giving us unprecedented insight into how life forms on Earth and other planets. Yet, theres exactly zero p[...]
    9. James Webb Space Telescope Available for Media Viewing at NASAs Johnson Space Center
      Wed May 24 15:01:00 2017
      Media are invited to NASAs Johnson Space Center in Houston to view the James Webb Space Telescope and talk to experts about upcoming cryogenic vacuum tests at 10:15 a.m. CDT Wednesday, May 31.[...]
    10. Space Babies: Study Suggest Humans May Be Able to Have Healthy Offspring in Orbit
      Wed May 24 06:00:00 2017
      When we think about the difficulties of colonizing another planet, the last thing we probably worry about about is sex. However, for our species to survive beyond Earth its a fundamental issue. [...]

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