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    1. Giant Telescopes Pair Up to Image Near-Earth Asteroid
      Thu Aug 17 15:06:11 2017
      NASA scientists using Earth-based radar have produced sharp views of a recently discovered asteroid as it slid silently past our planet. [...]
    2. Asteroid Will Safely Pass Closer Than Moon Wednesday
      Thu Aug 17 14:08:08 2017
      As happens about 20 times a year with current detection capabilities, a known asteroid will safely pass Earth Wednesday closer than the distance from Earth to the moon. [...]
    3. NEOWISE Spots a Comet That Looked Like an Asteroid
      Thu Aug 17 13:15:06 2017
      Comet C2013 UQ4 Catalina was originally thought to be an asteroid, but observations by NASAs NEOWISE spacecraft indicate that its a comet. [...]
    4. NASAs Spitzer Telescope Witnesses Asteroid Smashup
      Thu Aug 17 05:03:41 2017
      NASAs Spitzer Space Telescope has spotted an eruption of dust around a young star, possibly the result of a smashup between large asteroids. [...]
    5. NASA Releases Tool Enabling Citizen Scientists to Examine Asteroid Vesta
      Thu Aug 17 01:46:55 2017
      NASA has announced the release of Vesta Trek, a free, web-based application that provides detailed visualizations of Vesta, one of the largest asteroids in our solar system. [...]
    6. Radar Images Provide New Details on Halloween Asteroid
      Thu Aug 17 01:32:12 2017
      The highest-resolution images of asteroid 2015 TB145 yield new information about surface features. [...]
    7. NASA Update on Asteroid Redirect Mission
      Wed Aug 16 23:17:18 2017
      On Thursday, June 19, NASA will host a televised update on recent progress and upcoming milestones in the agencys efforts to identify, capture and relocate an asteroid, and send astronauts to take samples of it in the 2020s. [...]
    8. Asteroid Icarus to Make Distant Pass Tuesday
      Wed Aug 16 22:58:53 2017
      Asteroid Icarus will safely pass by Earth more than 21 times the distance of Earth to the moon on June 16. [...]
    9. Asteroid Discovered by NASA to Pass Earth Safely
      Wed Aug 16 22:35:03 2017
      A newfound asteroid will safely pass Earth on June 8 from a distance of about 777,000 miles 1.25 million kilometers, more than three times farther away than our moon. [...]
    10. NASA Spots the Great Pumpkin: Halloween Asteroid a Treat for Radar Astronomers
      Wed Aug 16 00:41:55 2017
      NASA scientists are tracking the upcoming Halloween flyby of an asteroid with optical observatories and radar capabilities of the Deep Space Network at Goldstone, California. [...]

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