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    1. Asteroid Discovered by NASA to Pass Earth Safely
      Thu Oct 19 22:21:10 2017
      A newfound asteroid will safely pass Earth on June 8 from a distance of about 777,000 miles 1.25 million kilometers, more than three times farther away than our moon. [...]
    2. NASAs Spitzer Telescope Witnesses Asteroid Smashup
      Thu Oct 19 19:46:08 2017
      NASAs Spitzer Space Telescope has spotted an eruption of dust around a young star, possibly the result of a smashup between large asteroids. [...]
    3. NASA Spots the Great Pumpkin: Halloween Asteroid a Treat for Radar Astronomers
      Thu Oct 19 19:02:20 2017
      NASA scientists are tracking the upcoming Halloween flyby of an asteroid with optical observatories and radar capabilities of the Deep Space Network at Goldstone, California. [...]
    4. Nope, our Temporary Moon Isnt Space Junk, its an Asteroid
      Thu Oct 19 18:43:41 2017
      A team of astronomers from the University of Arizonas Lunar and Planetary Laboratory has confirmed that Earths "temporary Moon" is an asteroid, and not space junk. The post Nope, our Temporary Moon Isnt Space Junk, its an Asteroid [...]
    5. NASA Update on Asteroid Redirect Mission
      Thu Oct 19 18:26:46 2017
      On Thursday, June 19, NASA will host a televised update on recent progress and upcoming milestones in the agencys efforts to identify, capture and relocate an asteroid, and send astronauts to take samples of it in the 2020s. [...]
    6. Tracking A Mysterious Group of Asteroid Outcasts
      Thu Oct 19 17:19:24 2017
      Astronomers may have found the source of a particularly hard-to-spot group of near-Earth asteroids, thanks to a once-dormant NASA space telescope. [...]
    7. Asteroid Distant Flyby Thursday
      Thu Oct 19 11:06:45 2017
      An asteroid, designated 1999 FN53, will safely pass more than 26 times the distance of Earth to the moon on May 14. [...]
    8. NASA Asteroid Hunter Spacecraft Data Available to Public
      Thu Oct 19 09:59:46 2017
      Millions of images of celestial objects, including asteroids, observed by NASAs NEOWISE spacecraft now are available online to the public. [...]
    9. Newfound Bus-Size Asteroid Will Zoom Safely By Earth Today
      Thu Oct 19 06:20:00 2017
      The newfound asteroid 2017 TD6 will give Earth a close shave on Oct. 19, 2017, when the object flies by Earth at an estimated 119,000 miles away. [...]
    10. Asteroid Will Safely Pass Closer Than Moon Wednesday
      Thu Oct 19 05:10:33 2017
      As happens about 20 times a year with current detection capabilities, a known asteroid will safely pass Earth Wednesday closer than the distance from Earth to the moon. [...]

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