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    1. NAV Canadas Game Changing Global Space-Based Real-Time Flight Tracking System Getting Closer to Completion
      Mon Jun 19 17:06:08 2017
      On January 14th of this year, a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket, launched the first 10 satellites of the Iridium Next satellite constellation. This coming Sunday another SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket is scheduled to launch, with the next 10 satellites in the conste[...]
    2. Far-Out Nation: Hopeful Space-Based Country Asgardia to Launch Satellite
      Fri Jun 16 00:15:00 2017
      While it plans to someday host a moon colony and space station, the proposed space-based nation Asgardia is starting small: The project will launch its first satellite this fall to store data for the nations newly selected citizens. [...]
    3. Self-Replicating 3D Printers Could Build Moon Bases, Fight Global Warming
      Tue Jun 6 11:58:00 2017
      A 3D-printer that could re-create itself from lunar material is in development at a university in Canada. [...]
    4. Pulsar-Based Navigation System to Get Test on Space Station
      Mon Jun 5 03:23:00 2017
      An experiment that arrived at the International Space Station today June 5 will test a celestial navigational system that one day may guide future spaceships to Jupiter as efficiently as GPS satellites get you to Starbucks. [...]
    5. Space Station-Based Experiment Might Have Found Evidence of Dark Matter Destroying Itself
      Fri May 19 15:28:11 2017
      Two studies conducted independently of each other using data obtained aboard the ISS have provided a possible glimpse of dark matter The post Space Station-Based Experiment Might Have Found Evidence of Dark Matter Destroying Itself appeared fi[...]
    6. Europe & China Discuss Moonbase Partnership
      Wed Apr 26 16:07:40 2017
      The ESA and Chinese National Space Agency have announced their plans to create a "Moon Village" on the lunar surface by the 2020s. The post Europe &038; China Discuss Moonbase Partnership appeared first on Universe Today . [...]
    7. The Possibility of Silicon-Based Life Grows
      Sun Apr 16 07:00:00 2017
      Science fiction has long imagined silicon-based life on alien worlds, such as the rock-eating Horta from Star Trek. Now, scientists have shown that nature can evolve to incorporate silicon into carbon-based molecules, the building blocks of life on E[...]
    8. Mars Base Camp: Lockheed Fleshes Out Red Planet Space Station Plan
      Mon Apr 3 07:00:00 2017
      Lockheed Martin continues to develop its Mars Base Camp idea, which aims to establish a space station in orbit around the Red Planet in 2028. [...]
    9. Long Lost Indian Moon Probe Found by Earth-Based NASA Radar
      Fri Mar 10 06:00:00 2017
      Powerful radar beamed from Earth has found a tiny Indian moon probe that last contacted its handlers more than seven years ago. [...]
    10. Underwater Space Base Used For Mars Mission Simulation Highlight Video
      Thu Feb 16 01:32:00 2017
      The NEEMO 19 NASA Extreme Environment Mission Operations 19 mission gave astronauts the opportunity to waterwalk to simulate spacewalks, train with communication delays and test wearable computers. [...]

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