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    1. Alien object Oumuama was a natural body visiting from another solar system
      Mon Dec 18 11:01:41 2017
      Scientists have investigated a mysterious object that passed close to Earth after arriving from deep interstellar space. [...]
    2. Getting to and living on Mars will be hell on your body
      Fri Oct 27 12:04:00 2017
      While NASA and SpaceX figure out how to get to Mars, theyre also thinking about how the 200-day journey and life on the red planet will affect humans. Astronauts will be dealing with nasty things like muscle atrophy and bone loss, intra-cr[...]
    3. Expedition 53 Inspires the Next Generation, Learns More About How the Human Body Responds to Space
      Wed Oct 25 17:06:49 2017
      Mid-week, the crew of Expedition 53 completed tasks to investigate the various ways microgravity affects the human body and shared the benefits of the International Space Station with students in Kiev, Ukraine, during a Public Affairs in-flight event[...]
    4. Infamous three-body problem has over a thousand new solutions
      Wed Sep 20 12:02:00 2017
      A long-standing maths puzzle has 1223 new solutions, more than doubling the number of possible paths three objects can take as they orbit one another[...]
    5. Space radiation is risky business for the human body
      Wed Sep 20 09:01:10 2017
      NASAs Human Research Program HRP is working to protect the whole human body from radiation in space. Space radiation is dangerous and one of the primary health risks for astronauts. Virtually any cell in the body is susceptible to radiation damage.[...]
    6. How Spaceflight Affects the Body on a Molecular Level
      Thu Aug 31 10:22:00 2017
      Humans first journeyed into space in 1961, but even half a century later, questions remain about how spaceflight affects the human body. [...]
    7. Nobody knows how these baby stars got so close to our black hole
      Wed Aug 30 11:30:00 2017
      A group of stars orbits so close to the Milky Ways black hole that they could have never formed there. But theyre too young to have been born further away[...]
    8. Half the atoms inside your body came from across the universe
      Mon Jul 31 06:00:00 2017
      Intergalactic winds carry gas and dust from one galaxy to the next, bringing half of the matter in our galaxy from up to a million light years away[...]
    9. Station Crew Tests Lower Body Suit to Protect Vision; Soyuz Rocket Rolls Out Wednesday
      Tue Jul 25 15:40:03 2017
      One of the effects of living in space is the tendency of fluids to shift upward towards an astronauts head. This results in the common puffy face appearance astronauts experience when they escape Earths gravity. However, the more serious effects [...]
    10. Station Crew Conducts Research to Mitigate the Human Bodys Response to Spaceflight
      Fri Jul 21 18:23:16 2017
      The crew of Expedition 52 wrapped up an intensive week of research on Friday, concentrating on studies in the field of human health and performance. On Thursday, the crew conducted their second ultrasound for the Sprint investigation, which studie[...]

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