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    1. US Intelligence: Russia and China Will Have Operational Anti-Satellite Weapons in a Few Years
      Thu Feb 15 03:55:00 2018
      New report by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence: China and Russia "would justify attacks against U.S. and allied satellites." [...]
    2. Chinas reckless attitude to space debris needs to change
      Wed Feb 14 04:13:00 2018
      Recent near misses show Chinas pursuit of space prowess seems to trump debris risks. The re-entry of its space station is another looming drama, says Paul Marks[...]
    3. Pentagon Space Budget Shaped by Threats from Russia, China
      Tue Feb 13 01:41:00 2018
      The Air Forces space budget is up by 8 percent, even though the service is cutting procurement of space systems by more than a billion dollars. [...]
    4. Russia, Japan and China Launch Satellites in Back-to-Back Missions
      Sun Feb 4 06:17:00 2018
      Three different rockets - one each from Russia, China and Japan - launched satellites into orbit over three days in back-to-back-to-back space missions. [...]
    5. China Plans to Build the Worlds Largest Steerable Radio Telescope
      Mon Jan 29 06:15:00 2018
      The Xinjiang Qitai 110-meter Radio Telescope QTT, for short could help advance research on dark matter, gravitational waves, and extraterrestrial intelligence. [...]
    6. In Space and Cyber, China is Closing In on the United States
      Sun Jan 21 07:00:00 2018
      "Chinas satellite manufacturing industry is growing at an alarming rate," said Rep. Doug Lamborn, R-Co. [...]
    7. In a First, China Launches Canadian Satellite for Kepler Communications
      Fri Jan 19 04:26:21 2018
      For the first time a Canadian satellite has been launched by China. Kepler Communications, a Toronto based startup, had its first satellite launched today as secondary payload on a Long March 11 rocket.Canadian satellites have previously flown on A[...]
    8. Chinas Quantum-Key Network, the Largest Ever, Is Officially Online
      Fri Jan 19 00:48:00 2018
      The Chinese satellite Micius has once again shattered records, this time enabling practical quantum encryption between Beijing and Austria. [...]
    9. Trash-Blasting Lasers Could Help Clean Up Space Junk, China Says
      Wed Jan 17 05:18:00 2018
      Lasers: the ultimate cleaning solution. [...]
    10. China Has a Plan to Clean Up Space Junk with Lasers
      Tue Jan 16 15:28:35 2018
      A new study by a team of Chinese researchers considers whether a space-based laser station would be a good way to remove space junk The post China Has a Plan to Clean Up Space Junk with Lasers appeared first on Universe Today . [...]

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