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    1. Thinking Of Sir Arthur C. Clarke
      Sat Dec 16 16:01:40 2017
      Thinking Of Sir Arthur C. Clarke On His 100th Birthday "Today would have been Sir Arthur C. Clarkes 100th birthday. Arthur C. Clarke has had more influence on me as a writer than just about anyone else has - and it started at a v[...]
    2. Arthur C. Clarke
      Sat Dec 16 00:00:00 2017
      CLARKE: The next stage in evolution may be electronic or, if you like, mechanical, and the organic entities such as us represent an intermediate stage. And we may be superseded by the ultraintelligent machines, and they, in turn, may be superseded[...]
    3. Arthur C. Clarke award makes science fiction a family affair
      Tue Jul 4 03:00:00 2017
      The judges favourites reveal a growing appetite for science fiction which is also economic and political, says Lydia Nicholas[...]
    4. Tale of world of supersmart spiders takes Clarke SF award
      Thu Aug 25 15:00:35 2016
      This years winner of the Arthur C. Clarke award is a story of two kinds of alien one of them human - trying to understand each another[...]

    1. Arthur C Clarke Dies

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