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    1. Buckyballs mysteriously show up in cold space and warp starlight
      Wed Jun 21 12:30:00 2017
      These molecular carbon cages could be used as tracers to understand how prebiotic molecules form in space[...]
    2. Cold Death
      Wed Jun 7 02:02:19 2017
      A companion star is hastening the death of a giant, producing a cloud of gas and dust thats the coldest object yet seen anywhere in the universe, according to recent research. The system, known as the Boomerang Nebula, is 5,000 light-years from Ear[...]
    3. We Finally Know why the Boomerang Nebula is Colder than Space Itself
      Tue Jun 6 17:27:40 2017
      New observations conducted a team of astronomers using the ALMA telescope have explained why the coldest object is so frigid! The post We Finally Know why the Boomerang Nebula is Colder than Space Itself appeared first on Universe Today . [...]
    4. Cold brown dwarf discovered close to our solar system
      Fri Jun 2 10:28:32 2017
      A new citizen-science tool released earlier this year to help astronomers pinpoint new worlds lurking in the outer reaches of our solar system has already led to a discovery: a brown dwarf a little more than 100 light years away from the Sun. Just si[...]
    5. Cold-War Era Blasts Impacted Space Weather Video
      Wed May 17 03:38:00 2017
      U.S. and Soviet high-altitude nuclear explosion tests from 1958 to 1962 caused space weather effects more usually sparked by the suns activity like auroras at the equator, strain on utility grids and satellite malfunctions. [...]
    6. Congress Gives Trumps Science Budget Cuts the Cold Shoulder
      Mon May 1 10:14:00 2017
      Despite proposals by President Trump to drastically slash science budgets, the fiscal year 2017 budget provides funding at roughly the same levels as the prior year. [...]
    7. Photos: Enceladus, Saturns Cold, Bright Moon
      Thu Apr 13 03:25:00 2017
      Enceladus shines as one of the brightest objects in our solar system. See photos of Saturns water ice-covered cold moon, as captured by NASAs Cassini spacecraft. [...]
    8. Cold great spot discovered on Jupiter
      Tue Apr 11 08:01:57 2017
      A Great Cold Spot comparable in scale to Jupiters famous Great Red Spot 24,000 km west-east and 12,000 km north-south has been found on the planet. The phenomenon, only recently observed, may have existed for thousands of years, however, this is th[...]
    9. Surprise! Jupiter Has a Great Cold Spot, Too
      Tue Apr 11 02:19:00 2017
      Jupiter is famous for its Great Red Spot, a storm twice the diameter of Earth that rages on the gas giants surface. Now, researchers have found that it has a second great spot, almost as large. [...]
    10. The coldest place in the universe marks a double stellar grave
      Wed Mar 29 13:00:00 2017
      New observations finally reveal why an odd planetary nebula is so chilly: two stars met their end in close quarters[...]

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