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    1. Rosettas Target Comet is Becoming Active
      Thu Oct 19 05:52:26 2017
      The target of ESAs Rosetta mission has started to reveal its true personality as a comet, its dusty veil clearly developing over the past six weeks. [...]
    2. Legos Cool Women of NASA Set Is ComingBut It Doesnt Include the Hidden FiguresHeroine as Originally Hoped
      Wed Oct 18 06:00:00 2017
      Back in February, Lego revealed it would be turning Maia Weinstocks a href="" onclick=";send&39;, &39;event&39;, &39;Embedded Url&39;, &39;External link&39;, &39;https:i[...]
    3. The Future of Space Is ComingSoonish
      Tue Oct 17 09:47:00 2017
      In their new book "Soonish" Penguin Press, 2017, out today Oct. 17, Kelly and Zach Weinersmith dig into 10 realms of future technology to see which will survive, which will likely flounder and which could change or ruin everything. [...]
    4. Gravitational- Wave Announcement Coming on Oct. 16: What Could It Be?
      Thu Oct 5 06:00:00 2017
      Theres a big gravitational-wave announcement coming later this month, but insiders wont reveal any details. Here are our educated guesses about what the collaboration will reveal. [...]
    5. Watch Live 2pm ET: NASA to Preview 3 Upcoming Spacewalks
      Mon Oct 2 00:30:00 2017
      Astronauts at the International Space Station will be conducting three spacewalks over the next three weeks. NASA is hosting a live briefing today Oct. 2 at 2 p.m. EDT 1800 GMT to preview the spacewalks. [...]
    6. Hubble Spots Farthest-Ever Incoming Active Comet
      Fri Sep 29 01:09:00 2017
      A new image reveals a distant newcomer to our solar system: the farthest active comet ever spotted, heading toward the sun for the first time. [...]
    7. Briefing, NASA Television Coverage Set for Upcoming US Spacewalks
      Thu Sep 28 09:06:00 2017
      Three American astronauts aboard the International Space Station will embark on a trio of spacewalks in October to perform station maintenance. NASA Television and the agencys website will provide live coverage of the spacewalks, as well as a briefi[...]
    8. Upcoming Calendar Events For TrumpSpace
      Fri Sep 15 09:34:16 2017
      There is inside the beltway chatter about a confirmation hearing for RepJBridenstine on 27 Sept. Or maybe not. NASA — NASA Watch NASAWatch September 15, 2017 p lang="en" dir="lt[...]
    9. Big Solar Storm Coming Our Way, Nows Your Chance to See Auroras
      Wed Sep 6 13:17:25 2017
      NASA just observed two powerful flares emitted off the Sun. Nows your chance to see some auroras, if the full Moon doesnt wreck the view. The post Big Solar Storm Coming Our Way, Nows Your Chance to See Auroras appeared first on Universe[...]
    10. Breakthrough Detects Repeating Fast Radio Bursts Coming from Distant Galaxy
      Wed Aug 30 16:08:55 2017
      Using the Green Bank Telescope, researchers with Breakthrough Listen recently detected repeating fast radio bursts coming from a distant galaxy. The post Breakthrough Detects Repeating Fast Radio Bursts Coming from Distant Galaxy appeared first[...]

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