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    1. Rosettas Target Comet is Becoming Active
      Wed Aug 16 03:12:24 2017
      The target of ESAs Rosetta mission has started to reveal its true personality as a comet, its dusty veil clearly developing over the past six weeks. [...]
    2. A Fully Automated Science Lab Could Be Coming to NASAs New Lunar Station
      Thu Aug 3 11:29:00 2017
      The agency is considering how to conduct science experiments on the Deep Space Gateway station, even while no crew members are on board. [...]
    3. NASA Will Chase the Upcoming Solar Eclipse Using Telescopes Mounted on Jets
      Thu Aug 3 08:45:00 2017
      Observed from the ground, the total solar eclipse happening on August 21, when the Moon completely blocks your view of the Sun, will be visible for up to 160 seconds. It will be a fleeting glimpse of a rare phenomenon, which is why NASA plans to c[...]
    4. The Dream of Becoming an Astronaut: The Final Selection
      Sun Jul 30 11:33:40 2017
      On July 1 the Prime Minister introduced Canadas newest astronauts, Jennifer Sidey and Joshua Kutryk. In this final episode of theAstronauts Wanted series you get to see behind the scenes the day before the announcement through to their intro[...]
    5. Upcoming Solar Eclipse Is a Chance to Prove Einstein Right Again
      Thu Jul 27 11:32:00 2017
      For some skywatchers, the upcoming total solar eclipse is an opportunity to duplicate one of the most famous experiments of the 20th century. [...]
    6. Stargate Franchise Is Coming Back with Stargate Origins
      Sat Jul 22 00:04:00 2017
      The Stargate science fiction franchise is getting a revival this fall with "Stargate Origins," a new TV series that will serve as a prequel to the existing Stargate universe, which made its TV debut 20 years ago. [...]
    7. NASA Opens Media Accreditation for Upcoming Space Station Cargo Launch
      Wed Jul 12 15:01:00 2017
      Media accreditation is open for launch of the next SpaceX commercial cargo resupply services mission to the International Space Station, currently targeted for August.[...]
    8. Did you Know There are X-rays Coming from Pluto? Thats Strange, Whats Causing it?
      Wed Jul 5 17:38:10 2017
      A new study by a team of astronomers has revealed that an unexpected amount of x-ray emissions coming from Pluto, which was highly unexpected. The post Did you Know There are X-rays Coming from Pluto? Thats Strange, Whats Causing it[...]
    9. SpaceXs Final Falcon 9 Design Coming This Year, 2 Falcon Heavy Launches in 2018
      Thu Jun 29 05:59:00 2017
      SpaceX intends to launch a final upgrade to the Falcon 9 rocket, known as the Block 5, later this year, and has three Falcon Heavy launches planned for the next 18 months. [...]
    10. 2 Million Free Eclipse Glasses Coming to US Libraries
      Mon Jun 26 06:10:00 2017
      Public libraries across the United States will distribute 2 million pairs of eclipse glasses to skywatchers for the total solar eclipse that will sweep over the country on Aug. 21, 2017. [...]

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