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    1. Aliens, Mind-Controlled Robots & Multispecies Conflict: Q&A with Provenance Author Ann Leckie
      Tue Sep 26 01:00:00 2017
      In "Provenance" Orbit Books, 2017, released today Sept. 26, a woman whos trying to recover priceless artifacts ends up at the center of a multiculture, multispecies conflict on a planet covered in ancient ruins. [...]
    2. Podcast Episode 14: Ewan Reid, Mission Control Space Services
      Thu Sep 21 07:50:58 2017
      My guest today is Ewan Reid, founder of Mission Control Space Services MCSS, a new company offering a variety of services including their Autonomous Soil Assessment System used to help rovers safely explore the surface of the moon and Mars. As wel[...]
    3. Watching Cassinis last moments from inside NASA mission control
      Fri Sep 15 14:25:00 2017
      The Cassini team was at once somber and excited as they watched the spacecrafts radio heartbeat flicker out. Mika McKinnon joined them to say goodbye[...]
    4. No, We Cant Control Hurricanes from Space
      Tue Sep 12 00:08:00 2017
      As Hurricane Irma winds down, some have asked why we cant control hurricanes. [...]
    5. Mission Control Keeps the Heart of the Space Community Beating During Harvey
      Wed Aug 30 11:25:00 2017
      This week, NASAs Johnson Space Center JSChome of the space agencys Mission Controlbecame an island in a sea of floodwater. After staggering amounts of damage in Houston, today, Tropical Storm Harvey a href="http:gizmodo.comharvey-is-back-[...]
    6. Houston, We Have a Kickstarter: Campaign Launches to Restore Mission Control
      Thu Jul 20 09:53:00 2017
      Forty-eight years to the day after the team in NASAs Houston Mission Control guided the Apollo 11 astronauts to the first-ever landing on the moon, a crowd-funding campaign has launched to return Mission Control to its July 1969 Apollo-era configurat[...]
    7. Cloud Kings: Geostorm Film Imagines Human-Controlled Weather
      Fri Jul 7 02:14:00 2017
      A new extended trailer for the upcoming disaster-flick "Geostorm" portrays a future in which humans alter the weather, something real-world scientists have tried to do. [...]
    8. Station Managers Work Plan as Controllers Troubleshoot Data Relay Box
      Sun May 21 04:22:29 2017
      International Space Station managers will meet Sunday morning to discuss a forward plan for dealing with the apparent failure of one of two fully redundant multiplexer-demultiplexer MDM data relay boxes on the S0 truss of the complex. External M[...]
    9. Cassini Survived 1st Grand Finale Dive - Mission Control Celebrates Video
      Fri Apr 28 07:36:00 2017
      NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratorys mission control room erupted in applause when data from the Saturn probe was received. Cassini flew between the innermost rings and the planet itself. [...]
    10. Historic NASA Mission Control Consoles to be Restored by the Cosmosphere
      Tue Apr 25 04:16:00 2017
      The NASA Mission Control consoles that were used for the first moon landings are set to be brought back to life by a Kansas museum that restored the Apollo 13 spacecraft and conserved the recovered rocket engines that launched Apollo 11. [...]

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