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    1. Sweating the Small Stuff: CubeSats Swarm Earth Orbit
      Mon Jul 24 00:39:00 2017
      A boom in nanosatellites could revolutionize space science and industry, but also dramatically increase the hazards of space junk [...]
    2. Three DIY CubeSats Score Rides on NASAs First Flight of Orion, Space Launch System
      Thu Jun 8 15:00:00 2017
      NASAs Space Technology Mission Directorate STMD has awarded rides for three small spacecraft on the agencys newest rocket, and 20,000 each in prize money, to the winning teams of citizen solvers competing in the semi-final round of the agencys Cu[...]
    3. CubeSats Deployed Before Upcoming Crew and Cargo Missions
      Fri May 26 16:24:15 2017
      More CubeSats were ejected from the International Space Station this week to explore the Earths upper atmosphere. Meanwhile, the Expedition 51 crew trained for a crew departure and cargo craft arrival. NanoRacks, a private company with facilities[...]
    4. Weeks Last CubeSats Deployed as Crew Studies Space Health
      Thu May 18 15:33:24 2017
      The weeks final set of CubeSats were deployed today from outside the Japanese Kibo lab modules airlock. Inside the International Space Station, the Expedition 51 crew continued exploring microgravitys effects on muscles, bone cells and vision. [...]
    5. CubeSats Deployed While Astronauts Study Effects of Space
      Tue May 16 15:31:54 2017
      New CubeSats were deployed into outer space from the International Space Station today to study Earth and space phenomena. Meanwhile, back inside the station the Expedition 51 crew continued exploring how the human body adapts to living in space. [...]
    6. The CSA to Fund CubeSats, Quantum Encryption and a Mars Orbiter Instrument
      Thu Apr 27 12:00:41 2017
      In the recently announced budget the government had announced 80.9 million in new funding for the Canadian Space Agency over five years. We now knowa little more about the projects the funds will go to. Innovation Science and Economic Development [...]
    7. Could Cubesats Trigger a Space Junk Apocalypse?
      Wed Apr 19 10:00:00 2017
      The growing popularity of small satellites as well as the upcoming deployment of low-Earth orbit mega-constellations will likely greatly increase the amount of space junk as well as the frequency of catastrophic collisions, a new study suggests. [...]
    8. Fleet of CubeSats launches to study the neglected ignorosphere
      Tue Apr 18 11:50:00 2017
      Today 28 boxy satellites blasted off for the International Space Station, on a mission to study a stubbornly inaccessible region of Earths atmosphere[...]
    9. CubeSats - Small Spacecraft Tech Explained by NASA Video
      Mon Apr 17 09:39:00 2017
      NASAs Launch Services Program delivers a quick animated look at the low-cost satellites. [...]
    10. CubeSats Deployed During Crew Ultrasound Scans
      Mon Mar 6 15:56:04 2017
      Four CubeSats were deployed this morning as the crew researched fluid shifts toward the head that may affect astronaut vision. Tools were also being collected and organized today ahead of possible maintenance spacewalks. Four CubeSats were ejected[...]

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