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    1. Rosettas First Peek at the Comets Dark Side
      Sat Jun 24 12:19:32 2017
      Using the Microwave for Rosetta Orbiter MIRO instrument aboard Rosetta, scientists have studied the southern polar regions of its target comet at the end of their long winter season. [...]
    2. Does dark matter annihilate quicker in the Milky Way?
      Fri Jun 23 09:04:05 2017
      A new theory predicts how dark matter may be annihilating much more rapidly in the Milky Way, than in smaller or larger galaxies and the early Universe. [...]
    3. Saturn Rides Bareback On The Galactic Dark Horse
      Thu Jun 22 13:11:15 2017
      Yippy-ki-yay! Saturn rides the back of a prancing pony across the evening sky. See it the next clear night. The post Saturn Rides Bareback On The Galactic Dark Horse appeared first on Universe Today . [...]
    4. War Is Coming in This Season Of Syfys Dark Matter
      Tue Jun 20 05:27:00 2017
      The third season of Syfys Dark Matter, which debuted this month, will shift to the outside battles between mega-corps. [...]
    5. Dark Summer Seas: Sunlight Floods Saturn Moon Titans North Photo
      Fri Jun 16 05:00:00 2017
      Summer has arrived in the huge Saturn moon Titans northern hemisphere, giving NASAs Cassini probe a great look at the regions famous hydrocarbon seas. [...]
    6. What is Dark Matter?
      Thu Jun 15 07:23:00 2017
      Dark matter emits no light, and cannot be directly observed, but scientists think that it and dark energy make up most of the mass of the universe. [...]
    7. Dark Energy May Lurk in the Nothingness of Space
      Wed May 31 03:15:00 2017
      The vacuum of empty space may be roiling with energy that drives the expansion of space itself, a new hypothesis proposes. [...]
    8. The quantum leak that could give rise to dark energy
      Thu May 25 07:00:00 2017
      The loss of countless tiny drops of energy since the start of the universe might be behind the flood of dark energy accelerating the cosmoss expansion[...]
    9. The Worlds Most Sensitive Dark Matter Detector Is Now Up and Running
      Wed May 24 04:54:00 2017
      The XENON1T detector hasnt detected any dark matter particles yet. But it has carried out a 30-day science run, and project scientists are optimistic about the future. [...]
    10. CAST project places new limitations on dark matter
      Tue May 23 09:43:35 2017
      CERN research results deliver no evidence for the existence of solar axions. [...]

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