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    1. Rosettas First Peek at the Comets Dark Side
      Fri Jan 19 12:42:51 2018
      Using the Microwave for Rosetta Orbiter MIRO instrument aboard Rosetta, scientists have studied the southern polar regions of its target comet at the end of their long winter season. [...]
    2. A Space Magnet, Hunting Dark Matter, Turns Up Juicy Secrets of Cosmic Rays
      Thu Jan 18 02:15:00 2018
      An experiment based on the International Space Station has turned up new results about the shape and character of mysterious cosmic rays. [...]
    3. Mysterious X-Ray Emission May Reveal Nature of Dark Matter
      Thu Jan 4 06:00:00 2018
      X-ray light from the Perseus cluster of galaxies may finally reveal the true nature of one of the most mysterious substances in the cosmos: dark matter. [...]
    4. 2017s Dim Ursid Meteor Shower Peaks Now, Lucks Out with Darkened Sky
      Thu Dec 21 05:53:00 2017
      Look up tonight for the peak of Decembers lesser-known display of shooting stars, the Ursid meteor shower, which peaks overnight on Dec. 21 and 22. [...]
    5. A New Twist in the Dark Matter Tale
      Tue Dec 19 17:46:06 2017
      An innovative interpretation of X-ray data from a cluster of galaxies could help scientists fulfill a quest they have been on for decades: determining the nature of dark matter. The finding involves a new explanation for a set of results made with[...]
    6. Star mergers: A new test of gravity, dark energy theories
      Mon Dec 18 12:13:17 2017
      Observations and measurements of a neutron star merger have largely ruled out some theories relating to gravity and dark energy, and challenged a large class of theories. [...]
    7. Doing without dark energy
      Thu Dec 14 09:08:59 2017
      Three mathematicians have a different explanation for the accelerating expansion of the universe that does without theories of dark energy. Einsteins original equations for General Relativity actually predict cosmic acceleration due to an instability[...]
    8. Ancient black holes ruled out as source of all dark matter
      Thu Dec 14 07:30:00 2017
      One way to solve the dark matter problem is to chalk it up to black holes formed moments after the big bang, but they cant account for all the dark matter[...]
    9. Does Dark Matter Exist? Bold New Study Offers Alternative Model
      Thu Dec 7 11:17:00 2017
      A new study makes the bold claim that dark matter might not need to exist to explain strange observations in the universe; but scientists arent convinced that the study holds water. [...]
    10. 2 Bizarre Ancient Galaxies Found in a Colossal Sea of Dark Matter
      Thu Dec 7 05:31:00 2017
      Two enormous galaxies seen merging in the distant universe have astronomers rethinking the leading theory of how galaxies form. [...]

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