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    1. Rosettas First Peek at the Comets Dark Side
      Thu Aug 17 14:23:53 2017
      Using the Microwave for Rosetta Orbiter MIRO instrument aboard Rosetta, scientists have studied the southern polar regions of its target comet at the end of their long winter season. [...]
    2. The quantum leak that could give rise to dark energy
      Tue Aug 15 11:00:00 2017
      The loss of countless tiny drops of energy since the start of the universe might be behind the flood of dark energy accelerating the cosmoss expansion[...]
    3. Is Dark Matter Less Lumpy Than Predicted?
      Mon Aug 14 04:05:00 2017
      A new night-sky survey of distant galaxies suggests that dark matter is less "lumpy" than previously thought. [...]
    4. New sky survey shows that dark energy may one day tear us apart
      Mon Aug 7 10:44:00 2017
      The best cosmic map yet of the universes make-up finds 24 per cent less dark matter than we thought and could call for a rewrite of physics[...]
    5. Dark Energy Survey reveals most accurate measurement of universes dark matter
      Thu Aug 3 11:06:20 2017
      Dark Energy Survey scientists have unveiled the most accurate measurement ever made of the present large-scale structure of the universe. These measurements of the amount and clumpiness or distribution of dark matter in the present-day cosmos were [...]
    6. Fast radio bursts may be dark matter stars hitting black holes
      Tue Aug 1 11:54:00 2017
      The mysterious FRBs weve been tracking for a decade could be created by clumps of dark matter particles dancing along the edges of black holes[...]
    7. Cosmologists produce new maps of dark matter dynamics
      Tue Jul 25 11:21:51 2017
      New maps of dark matter dynamics in the Universe have been produced by a team of international cosmologists, outlines a new report. [...]
    8. Seeing in the Dark: Excerpt from Expressive Nature Photography
      Tue Jul 25 04:42:00 2017
      An excerpt from "Expressive Nature Photography" by Brenda Tharp walks photographers through how to take stunning images incorporating the night sky. [...]
    9. Flashes of light on dark matter
      Fri Jul 21 09:13:06 2017
      A web that passes through infinite intergalactic spaces, a dense cosmic forest illuminated by very distant lights and a huge enigma to solve. These are the picturesque ingredients of a scientific research that adds an important element for understand[...]
    10. Is Dark Matter Real?
      Mon Jul 17 04:54:00 2017
      While many people take the existence of dark matter for granted, its still a theory that has yet to be proven. But new evidence could bolster support for dark matter theories. [...]

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