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    1. Comet Hitchhiker Would Take Tour of Small Bodies
      Thu Aug 17 00:21:22 2017
      A concept for orbiting and landing on multiple asteroids and comets is being developed at JPL. [...]
    2. In Moonshot, Actors Bodies Form the Backdrop for a Space Race Story
      Wed Aug 9 06:34:00 2017
      The 50-minute play "Moonshot" debuted Aug. 4 at the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum in New York City. [...]
    3. Long After Humanity is Gone and the Sun Dies, the Water Bears Will be There
      Mon Jul 17 16:28:10 2017
      A new study from the University of Oxford has shown that long after humanity is gone, the tardigrade aka. the "water bear" will still be living. The post Long After Humanity is Gone and the Sun Dies, the Water Bears Will be There appeared firs[...]
    4. Magnetic Cell Studies and AC Repairs on Orbit Today
      Tue Jul 11 16:29:08 2017
      The orbiting Expedition 52 trio continued exploring magnetized cell structures today and worked on advanced repair tasks. Also, a new crew is in Moscow getting ready for its launch in less than three weeks. Astronaut Peggy Whitson was back at work[...]
    5. Station Crew Studies Space Impacts on Humans and Tech
      Thu Jul 6 17:10:59 2017
      Expedition 52 continued exploring today how microgravity impacts humans and technology to improve future spaceflight and benefit life on Earth. The trio also conducted an array of maintenance activities including space plumbing. NASA astronaut Peg[...]
    6. Station Crew Studies Bone Loss Reversal and Unloads New Cargo
      Thu Jun 22 17:25:00 2017
      Expedition 52 is continuing to explore a new drug therapy today that may keep humans healthier in space. The trio onboard the International Space Station also worked on standard maintenance activities to keep the orbital complex in ship-shape. Ast[...]
    7. Bill Dana, Comedian Who Played Astronaut Jos Jimnez, Dies at 92
      Tue Jun 20 10:21:00 2017
      "Okay Jos, youre on your way!" With those words, radioed to Americas first space flier Alan Shepard, Bill Danas role in space history was cemented. Dana, a comedian and actor who played "Jos Jimnez," died June 15. [...]
    8. Cloudy with a chance of radiation: NASA studies simulated radiation
      Tue Jun 13 17:51:45 2017
      NASAs Human Research Program HRP is simulating space radiation on Earth following upgrades to the NASA Space Radiation Laboratory NSRL at the US Department of Energys Brookhaven National Laboratory. These upgrades help researchers on Earth learn [...]
    9. Station Crew Starts Human, Botany Studies Before Next Cargo Mission
      Mon Jun 12 16:07:34 2017
      The Expedition 52 crew of two NASA astronauts and one Roscosmos cosmonaut is in its second week aboard the International Space Station. Also, as one station resupply ship completed its mission in space on Sunday another rolled out to its pad for a la[...]
    10. Roger Moore, Who Took James Bond to Space, Dies at 89
      Tue May 23 00:22:00 2017
      During his prolific film career, Moore starred in seven James Bond films between 1973 and 1985. But for space fans, it was Moores turn as secret agent 007 in 1979s "Moonraker" that will live on. [...]

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