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    1. Todays Shutdown News For NASA Update
      Mon Jan 22 18:31:31 2018
      House votes to end government shutdown, sending legislation to Trump , Washington Post "Congress voted late Monday to reopen the government after a three-day shutdown, sending President Trump a short-term spending bill that passed a[...]
    2. Todays Shutdown News From NASA Update
      Mon Jan 22 14:10:52 2018
      A Senate vote today will reopen the Federal government tomorrow. NASA will be back soon. shutdown pic.twitter.com2URiubkSIS — NASA Watch NASAWatch January 22, 2018 img src="http:feeds.fe[...]
    3. NASA TV Coverage of European Mission Comet Touchdown
      Mon Jan 22 11:53:18 2018
      NASA TV and the agencys website will air the conclusion of ESAs Rosetta mission early Friday morning, Sept. 30, with NASA commentary, interviews and analysis of the successful mission. [...]
    4. NASA Shutdown Plans Follow Familiar Script
      Mon Jan 22 10:13:00 2018
      As the federal government begins its first shutdown in more than four years Jan. 20, NASAs operating plans are little changed from that earlier shutdown, with most agency employees set to be furloughed. [...]
    5. Government Shutdown Shuts Down Falcon Heavy Test
      Mon Jan 22 07:33:41 2018
      SpaceX Cant Test Falcon Heavy During U.S. Government Shutdown , Newsweek "A statement from the 45th Space Wing read: "Due to the shutdown removing key members of the civilian workforce, the 45th Space Wing will not be able to suppor[...]
    6. Falcon Heavy Tests Grounded by Government Shutdown
      Mon Jan 22 00:47:00 2018
      SpaceX will have to wait a bit longer to test its first Falcon Heavy rocket, as NASA and Air Force personnel stay home due to an ongoing U.S. government shutdown. [...]
    7. Lowdown on Ceres: Images From Dawns Closest Orbit
      Sun Jan 21 02:05:24 2018
      NASAs Dawn spacecraft, cruising in its lowest and final orbit at dwarf planet Ceres, has delivered the first images from its best-ever viewpoint. [...]
    8. How NASA Is Shutting Down Update
      Sat Jan 20 21:09:01 2018
      Message from the Acting Administrator - Government Shutdown Impacts to NASA "The categorization of employees and whether or not someone is furloughed is not a reflection on the quality of their work, nor of their importance to our [...]
    9. Life Goes On Aboard ISS During The Shutdown
      Sat Jan 20 12:54:25 2018
      Don&39;t worry about the crew aboard the International Space Station during the U.S. government shutdown They are managing to find productive things to do up there. https:t.co4PhwkyK7DE — NASA Watch NASAWatch January[...]
    10. Internal Memo: How NASA Will Shut Down
      Sat Jan 20 12:13:22 2018
      NASA ARC Internal Memo: Informal Notice of Employee Furlough Status - Non Excepted "Annual funding for the Government will expire at midnight on January 19, 2018. In the event no further agreement is reached to fund Federal agencie[...]

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