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    1. Endeavour: NASAs Youngest Shuttle
      Mon Dec 11 04:34:00 2017
      Endeavour was the final addition to NASAs space shuttle fleet. [...]
    2. Space Shuttle Endeavour Exhibit Gains Flight-Worthy Solid Rocket Boosters
      Tue Jan 10 10:00:00 2017
      The space shuttle Endeavour display at the California Science Center is getting a "boost" in the form of two towering flight-worthy add-ons. Orbital ATK and NASA are donating a set of solid rocket boosters for the exhibit of the retired winged orbite[...]
    3. Shuttling Space Artifacts: Rocket Booster Parts Bound for Endeavour Exhibit
      Mon Dec 12 09:30:00 2016
      The pieces are coming together for the towering launch-pad-like exhibit of the space shuttle Endeavour. Three massive segments from twin solid rocket boosters are now on a cross country road trip in preparation for the California Science Center displ[...]
    4. Where Will President-Elect Trump Take American Space Endeavours?
      Wed Nov 9 14:14:31 2016
      With the election over, there are concerns over at NASA at how a Trump presidency might affect their research and exploration efforts The post Where Will President-Elect Trump Take American Space Endeavours? appeared first on Universe Today . [...]
    5. Space Shuttle Endeavour lifts off on its final journey
      Wed Sep 19 08:08:33 2012
      NASA's youngest shuttle departed Kennedy Space Center at sunrise Wednesday on the first leg of its flight to California. It's bolted to the top of a jumbo jet. CAPE CANAVERAL,[...]
    6. Space shuttle Endeavours flight is now set for Wednesday updated
      Tue Sep 18 10:31:46 2012
      NASA now says it will be Wednesday before the shuttle takes off for its new home in California. Maybe Space workers check out space shuttle Endeavour after it landed at the Kennedy [...]
    7. Endeavour flight to California grounded a day by bad weather
      Sun Sep 16 16:55:23 2012
      Endeavour, riding atop its specially outfitted Boeing 747 carrier, will now leave the Kennedy Space Center in Florida at sunrise Tuesday, Sept. 18. View full size [...]
    8. Space shuttle Endeavour will fly low over South on way to Los Angeles
      Mon Sep 10 15:49:44 2012
      Missing from the itinerary, however, is a fly-over of Huntsville, Alabama, home of the team that managed the shuttles' engines, solid rocket boosters and external tanks. View f[...]
    9. Space Shuttle Endeavour Returns to Earth for Final Time
      Wed Jun 1 04:16:52 2011
      Shuttle Endeavour and its six-astronaut crew sailed home for the final time, ending a journey of more than 6.5 million miles.[...]
    10. Space Shuttle Endeavour Lifts Off on Historic Final Voyage
      Mon May 16 08:30:47 2011
      Space Shuttle Endeavour lifted off today on its final mission. The flight is commanded by Mark Kelly. His wife, U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords attended the launch.[...]

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