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    1. NASA Media Telecon Today: First Spacecraft Successfully Enters Orbit Around a Dwarf Planet
      Thu Dec 14 06:18:31 2017
      NASA will host a media teleconference at 11 a.m. PST 2 p.m. EST today to discuss the historic arrival of the agencys Dawn spacecraft at the dwarf planet Ceres. [...]
    2. Why is massive star formation quenched in galaxy centers?
      Tue Nov 28 11:33:48 2017
      A new study proposes that one of the reasons that slows down the rate at which massive stars form in galaxies is the existence of relatively large magnetic fields. Research has revealed that this process occurs around the center of the galaxy NGC 109[...]
    3. Play Ball! World Series 2017 Sparks Wager Between Two NASA Space Centers
      Fri Oct 27 06:11:00 2017
      Two NASA centers are engaged in a friendly wager as their local teams compete in the World Series of baseball. The director of the NASA center whose team loses the World Series must wear the jersey of the opposing team for a day. [...]
    4. The End Is Nigh for Cassini: Saturn Probe Enters Final 48 Hours
      Wed Sep 13 04:51:00 2017
      The end is nigh for NASAs Cassini spacecraft, which is now less than 48 hours away from its scheduled death dive into Saturn. [...]
    5. New 3-D simulations show how galactic centers cool their jets
      Mon Aug 14 11:09:22 2017
      Scientists have developed new theories and 3-D simulations to explain whats at work in the mysterious jets of energy and matter beaming from the center of galaxies at nearly the speed of light. [...]
    6. Behind the Scenes: Inside Astronaut Scott Carpenters 1962 Mercury Flight Photos
      Wed May 24 04:00:00 2017
      The second American to orbit the Earth, Scott Carpenter, blasted off on May 24, 1962 and made three trips around the planet before he accidentally landed off-course. See archival NASA photos of the historic mission in this photo gallery. [...]
    7. NASA to Discuss FY2018 Budget Proposal, Provide Virtual Tours of Centers
      Mon May 22 08:12:00 2017
      NASA will hold a series of events May 23, highlighting the agencys Fiscal Year 2018 budget proposal, including a televised State of NASA address by acting Administrator Robert Lightfoot and Facebook Live virtual tours of NASAs 10 centers, where inn[...]
    8. One Step Closer to Jupiter, NASAs Europa Mission Enters Design Phase
      Wed Mar 1 00:00:00 2017
      NASAs mission to orbit the icy Jovian moon Europa recently entered a new phase of mission planning that is focused on creating preliminary designs for the instruments and spacecraft. [...]
    9. Destination Moon: Museums and Science Centers Plan for Apollo 11 Exhibit
      Thu Feb 23 09:34:00 2017
      For Houston, it will be a homecoming; for St. Louis, a product of its past. In Pittsburgh, it will be seen as a symbol of innovation; and in Seattle, an arrival worthy of a celebration. [...]
    10. Five Teams Remain as Google Lunar XPRIZE Enters Final Phase
      Thu Jan 26 13:59:14 2017
      Space is hard. While startups success rates are slowly increasing in low earth orbit LEO, its even harder for startups looking beyond low earth orbit. In fact, no company with the goal of operating a commercial enterprise near or on the moo[...]

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