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    1. I Asked Artists to Create Films Using Real Sounds From Space: This is What They Came Up With
      Sat Oct 14 06:00:00 2017
      Art and science are often seen as complete opposites: art is subjective, while science aims to discover objective facts about nature. [...]
    2. These Filmmakers Are Shooting a Western During the Solar Eclipse
      Wed Aug 16 04:27:00 2017
      A new Western-themed movie short will take place live during the total solar eclipse on Aug. 21, giving a whole new meaning to "riding into the sunset." [...]
    3. Lights! Camera! Trekkies! Film Academy to Open for Star Trek Fans
      Tue Aug 8 11:20:00 2017
      A CBS-backed "Star Trek" Film Academy will allow fans to explore the Final Frontier by helping them make their own films, according to an announcement at the Star Trek Las Vegas Convention last weekend. [...]
    4. NASA Uploads Hundreds of Rare Aircraft Films to YouTube
      Fri Jul 21 06:45:00 2017
      NASAs Armstrong Flight Research Center is currently in the process of uploading hundreds of extremely rare films to YouTube . And Id advise you to stop reading if you want to get any work done today. Read more... [...]
    5. 14 Recent Scifi Films That Didnt Need Big Budgets To Be Amazing
      Thu Jul 13 12:00:00 2017
      Low-budget scifi movies may have had their heyday during Roger Cormans rise to B-movie greatness in the 1950s, but theyre still going strong todayproving that you dont necessarily need lavish special effects to tell a really great story. Here a[...]
    6. Cloud Kings: Geostorm Film Imagines Human-Controlled Weather
      Fri Jul 7 02:14:00 2017
      A new extended trailer for the upcoming disaster-flick "Geostorm" portrays a future in which humans alter the weather, something real-world scientists have tried to do. [...]
    7. As Seen on TV: These Commercials Were Filmed in Space!
      Wed Jun 21 03:35:00 2017
      Here is a look back at the brief history of advertising in space. [...]
    8. How to Film or Photograph the 2017 Solar Eclipse Like a Pro
      Fri Jun 16 02:30:00 2017
      Are you thinking of photographing the total solar eclipse on Aug. 21, 2017? Check out this handy guide from two expert eclipse photographers. [...]
    9. This Beautiful Short Film Recreates the Moon Landing Using Thousands of NASA Photos
      Thu Jun 8 12:18:00 2017
      Theres no shortage of archival film footage of the moon landingarguably one of humanitys greatest achievements. But graphic designer Christian Stangl didnt use any of it to create this short film. Instead, Lunar was created by animating thou[...]
    10. Far-Out Films: NASA Footage to Star in Space Movie Competition
      Mon Apr 24 05:45:00 2017
      Calling all filmmakers! NASA wants you to make a movie using the agencys own images and footage of space. Submissions are now open for the third annual CineSpace Short Film Competition. [...]

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