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    1. A Martian First: Earthworms Born in Mock Mars Soil
      Mon Dec 4 06:00:00 2017
      In what could be an important milestone for future farmers on Mars, two healthy baby worms were recently born in simulated Martian soil. [...]
    2. Report Lays Out Potential Changes to WFIRST Space Telescope to Reduce Cost
      Tue Nov 28 02:30:00 2017
      An independent review board for NASAs next flagship astronomy mission concluded in its final report that the project is "not executable" without additional funding or adjustments to the spacecraft. [...]
    3. First-Quarter Moon
      Sat Nov 25 23:00:00 2017
      The Moon reaches its first-quarter phase at 11:03 a.m. CST today, so sunlight will illuminate half of the hemisphere that faces Earth. The first-quarter name indicates that the Moon is one quarter of the way through its month-long cycle of phases[...]
    4. WFIRST Report Released
      Wed Nov 22 10:20:17 2017
      WFIRST Independent External TechnicalManagementCost Review WIETR , NASA "This report responds to the questions asked in the Terms of Reference TOR that established the WIETR and includes recommendations and options for NASA[...]
    5. First-of-Its-Kind Satellite Launches to Track Earths Weather Like Never Before
      Sat Nov 18 05:22:00 2017
      The first in a series of four advanced polar-orbiting satellites has launched to space, turning its watchful eye to improving the accuracy of weather forecasts and Earth observations. [...]
    6. First Map of Rosettas Comet
      Mon Oct 30 08:11:45 2017
      Scientists on the Rosetta mission have mapped several distinctive regions on the nucleus of comet 67PChuryumov-Gerasimenko. [...]
    7. NASA Seeks Cost-Cutting Changes in Design of WFIRST Mission
      Tue Oct 24 00:42:00 2017
      The head of NASAs science directorate has requested modifications to the design of its next flagship astrophysics mission based on the recommendations of an independent review. [...]
    8. NASA Decides To Reduce CostComplexity of WFIRST
      Fri Oct 20 21:26:40 2017
      NASA Internal Memo: Next Steps for WFIRST Program "I have reviewed the findings of the independent review team and have accepted them. As a result, I believe reductions in scope and complexity are needed. I am directing the Goddard[...]
    9. Watch the First-Ever 360-Degree Video of a Spacewalk!
      Wed Oct 4 04:18:00 2017
      The first 360-degree video taken from open space is available for all to see. [...]
    10. Supermassive Black Holes or Their Galaxies? Which Came First?
      Wed Sep 6 14:13:21 2017
      Its a mystery thats puzzled astronomers for years. Which came first, supermassive black holes or the galaxies that surround them? The post Supermassive Black Holes or Their Galaxies? Which Came First? appeared first on Universe Today . [...]

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