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    1. First Map of Rosettas Comet
      Fri Oct 20 01:55:27 2017
      Scientists on the Rosetta mission have mapped several distinctive regions on the nucleus of comet 67PChuryumov-Gerasimenko. [...]
    2. Watch the First-Ever 360-Degree Video of a Spacewalk!
      Wed Oct 4 04:18:00 2017
      The first 360-degree video taken from open space is available for all to see. [...]
    3. First-Quarter Moon
      Wed Sep 27 00:00:00 2017
      The Moon is at first quarter tonight. Sunlight illuminates exactly one-half of the lunar hemisphere that faces Earth. The sunlit portion of the Moon will continue to grow until the Moon is full on October 5, the date of the Harvest Moon. [...]
    4. Supermassive Black Holes or Their Galaxies? Which Came First?
      Wed Sep 6 14:13:21 2017
      Its a mystery thats puzzled astronomers for years. Which came first, supermassive black holes or the galaxies that surround them? The post Supermassive Black Holes or Their Galaxies? Which Came First? appeared first on Universe Today . [...]
    5. An Eclipse First: Wingsuit Skydivers Take Flight During Total Solar Eclipse Video
      Thu Aug 24 11:00:00 2017
      During the Great American Solar Eclipse on Monday Aug. 21, 10 professional wingsuit jumpers leapt from a plane and soared into the darkness just seconds before totality began in Oregon. [...]
    6. Safety First!
      Fri Aug 18 00:00:00 2017
      The August 21 solar eclipse will be one of natures grandest spectacles. But it requires special protection for safe viewing , such as special eclipse glasses shown or dark welders glass No. 14 or darker. Sunshades, exposed photographic f[...]
    7. Unhackable Data: In a First, Secure Quantum Communications Is Tested Via Microsatellite
      Thu Jul 27 06:30:00 2017
      For the first time, scientists have demonstrated laser communications between a microsatellite and a ground station while using the quantum nature of photons to secure the data being transmitted. [...]
    8. In First, Einstein Relativity Experiment Used to Measure a Stars Mass
      Wed Jun 7 10:20:00 2017
      A phenomenon first predicted by Albert Einstein has been used for the first time to measure the mass of an individual star. The finding has helped settled a century-old dispute. [...]
    9. Is WFIRST Learning The Wrong Lessons From JWST?
      Tue Jun 6 22:51:10 2017
      NASAs Dark-Energy Probe Faces Cost Crisis , Scientific American "Above all, the agency wants to keep WFIRST from following the path of the James Webb Space Telescope JWST, a successor to the Hubble telescope that is scheduled to l[...]
    10. Jupiters Rings from the Inside! First-Ever View Captured by Juno
      Fri May 26 06:45:00 2017
      During its initial data-collecting dive over Jupiters poles on Aug. 27, 2016, Juno captured the first-ever photo of the giant planets faint ring system from the inside, mission team members revealed Thursday May 25. [...]

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