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    1. Weekly Space Hangout May 19, 2017: Eric Fisher of Labfundr
      Fri May 19 11:30:53 2017
      Host: Fraser Cain fcain Special Guest: Eric Fisher is the head of Labfundr, a Canadian crowdsourcing platform for science research and outreach. Eric is an entrepreneur, recovering biochemist, and son of a glaciologist. He completed a PhD in Bioc[...]
    2. A Cosmic Mothers Day: Tales from Astronaut Anna Fisher, 1st Mom in Space
      Sun May 14 07:00:00 2017
      NASA astronaut Anna Lee Fisher, the first mother in space, highlights what is was like to fly on the space shuttle Discovery only months after giving birth to her first daughter. [...]
    3. Astronaut Anna Fisher: The First Mom in Space Photos
      Sun May 14 06:45:00 2017
      Astronaut Anna Fisher joined NASA in 1978 and became the first mother to fly in space when she launched on her space shuttle mission. See photos from her space career here. She retired from NASA in 2017. [...]
    4. First Mom in Space! Anna Fisher Tells Her Amazing NASA Story Video
      Sun May 14 06:30:00 2017
      Recently retired NASA astronaut Anna Lee Fisher was part of the first Space Shuttle astronaut class. In 1984 she became the first mother to launch into space on the STS-51-A mission. [...]
    5. Astronaut Anna Fisher, First Mom in Space, Retires From NASA After 39 Years
      Mon May 1 11:46:00 2017
      The last member of the first group of space shuttle astronauts to still work for NASA has retired after three decades of service. Anna Fisher, selected in 1978 among the first six U.S. women astronauts, left NASA to spend more time with her family. [...]
    6. Touching Tribute to Carrie Fisher at Star Wars Celebration Video
      Fri Apr 14 10:17:00 2017
      At the 40th anniversary panel, that included Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, George Lucas and more, a video tribute was played for the actress who passed away in December 2016. [...]
    7. Space Jellyfish Show Types Of Pulsar Wind Nebulas
      Fri Jan 27 12:07:00 2017
      A series of studies based on data obtained from Chandra X-ray observatory may held shed light on the mysteries of pulsars. The post Space Jellyfish Show Types Of Pulsar Wind Nebulas appeared first on Universe Today . [...]
    8. Sharpless 249 and the Jellyfish Nebula
      Sat Jan 7 04:45:32 2017
      Normally faint and elusive, the Jellyfish Nebula is caught in this alluring telescopic mosaic. The scene is anchored below by bright star Eta Geminorum, at the foot of the celestial twin, while the Jellyfish Nebula is the brighter arcing ridge of emi[...]
    9. Astronaut Honors Carrie Fishers Legacy for Women in Space
      Sat Dec 31 07:33:00 2016
      Two women inspired the world with their strong character and leadership. [...]
    10. Actress Carrie Fisher, Star Wars Icon, Dies at 60
      Tue Dec 27 00:32:00 2016
      Carrie Fisher, the actress best known as Princess Leia from the "Star Wars" films, has passed away at age 60. [...]

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