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    1. NAV Canadas Game Changing Global Space-Based Real-Time Flight Tracking System Getting Closer to Completion
      Mon Jun 19 17:06:08 2017
      On January 14th of this year, a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket, launched the first 10 satellites of the Iridium Next satellite constellation. This coming Sunday another SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket is scheduled to launch, with the next 10 satellites in the conste[...]
    2. Self-Replicating 3D Printers Could Build Moon Bases, Fight Global Warming
      Tue Jun 6 11:58:00 2017
      A 3D-printer that could re-create itself from lunar material is in development at a university in Canada. [...]
    3. Earth At Night - New Global Maps Created From Satellite Imagery Video
      Wed Apr 12 01:12:00 2017
      Patterns of human settlement across our planet, can be seen from nighttime views of Earth from Space, according to NASA Goddard Spaceflight Center. [...]
    4. Space Debris Problem Needs Global Response Video
      Tue Apr 11 01:51:00 2017
      A collision between a 1 centimeter fragment and a satellite at orbital velocities can be compared to a exploding grenade, according to Holger Krag, head of ESAs Space Debris Office. There are over 18,000 objects in orbit around Earth. [...]
    5. It Might Be Possible to Refreeze the Icecaps to Slow Global Warming
      Thu Feb 23 13:27:18 2017
      According to a new study from the School of Earth and Space Exploration, it may be possible to refreeze the Arctic to help fight Climate Change. The post It Might Be Possible to Refreeze the Icecaps to Slow Global Warming appeared first on Univ[...]
    6. SPACE NEWS WEBCASTS: NASA, NOAA Present Global Temperature Data for 2016
      Wed Jan 18 10:18:00 2017
      Climate experts from NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration NOAA will hold a press teleconference today Jan. 18 to unveil a study on the global temperature changes of 2016, as well as climate data from the year. [...]
    7. NASA, NOAA Data Show 2016 Warmest Year on Record Globally
      Wed Jan 18 07:00:00 2017
      Earths 2016 surface temperatures were the warmest since modern recordkeeping began in 1880, according to independent analyses by NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration NOAA.[...]
    8. Canada Commits Next Round of Funds for Mission Which Will Conduct the First-Ever Global Survey of Earths Surface Water
      Tue Jan 17 11:12:37 2017
      Everyone knows how critical water is in the daily lives of everyone on our planet. Thats why theSurface Water and Ocean Topography SWOT mission which will conduct thefirst-ever global survey of Earths surface water is important and[...]
    9. Weve never seen global sea ice levels this low before
      Mon Jan 16 13:35:00 2017
      The world climate has passed another troubling milestone this year: global sea ice levels are at the lowest level ever recorded . New research from the US National Snow & Ice Data Center in Boulder, Colorado indicates that the normal wi[...]
    10. Understanding NASAs Global Reach
      Fri Jan 13 12:01:39 2017
      Understanding NASAs Global Reach , SpaceRef "A young boy in Chile wearing a NASA t-shirt explains a computer game to Pete Worden from Breakthrough Initiatives. How did he get that t-shirt? Why is he wearing it? Worden sent me this p[...]

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