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    1. Whats Inside Ceres? New Findings from Gravity Data
      Fri Jan 19 04:15:40 2018
      A new study suggests Ceres has a weak interior, and that water and other light materials separated from rock during a heating phase early in its history. [...]
    2. Speed of Gravity
      Thu Jan 11 00:00:00 2018
      Its hard to think of gravity as something that travels. Instead, we think of it as a force that pulls objects together, and thats true enough. But it moves through space as waves, just as light does. And a recent discovery has allowed scientists [...]
    3. Mystery Solved? Gravity Waves Behind Jupiters Weird Switching Jet Stream
      Tue Jan 2 06:22:00 2018
      The mystery of Jupiters strangely switching jet stream may have just been solved. The new results could reveal a lot of information about clouds in the atmospheres of planets in our own solar system and those moving through the skies of alien worlds.[...]
    4. Space-time and gravity might be born from the quantum world
      Thu Dec 28 15:00:00 2017
      To reconcile quantum mechanics and gravity, a new theory flips the usual script. Space-time and gravity may emerge from quantum effects, not the other way round[...]
    5. Star mergers: A new test of gravity, dark energy theories
      Mon Dec 18 12:13:17 2017
      Observations and measurements of a neutron star merger have largely ruled out some theories relating to gravity and dark energy, and challenged a large class of theories. [...]
    6. Prolific Earth Gravity Satellites End Science Mission
      Fri Oct 27 08:39:00 2017
      After more than 15 productive years in orbit, the U.S.German GRACE Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment satellite mission has ended science operations.[...]
    7. Plasma Lightsabers and Gravity Slings: Pacific Rim Uprising Will Get Space-Age Tech
      Wed Oct 11 04:00:00 2017
      "Pacific Rim Uprising" is set to take the first films monster-fighting mayhem up a notch, according to the new movies creators and actors. [...]
    8. NASAs OSIRIS-REx Captures Lovely Blue Marble during Gravity Assist Swing-by to Asteroid Bennu
      Thu Sep 28 16:04:01 2017
      KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, FL - NASAs OSIRIS-REx asteroid mission captured a lovely Blue Marble image of our Home Planet during last Fridays Sept. 22 successful gravity assist swing-by sending the probe hurtling towards asteroid Bennu for a rendezvo[...]
    9. How Gravity Assists Work: Asteroid Probes Interplanetary Billiards Flyby Explained
      Thu Sep 21 04:05:00 2017
      After already traveling millions of miles into space, a NASA asteroid probe will soon return to Earth to take advantage of the planets gravity. [...]
    10. Mars May Have a Porous Crust, Gravity Map Suggests
      Wed Sep 20 00:11:00 2017
      New evidence shows that the Red Planets outer crust, which is about 30 miles 50 kilometers thick, is porous and not as dense as previously thought. [...]

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