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    1. The Greatest Star Wars Villains Ever
      Thu Dec 14 06:11:00 2017
      Here we run through the most notorious villains of the "Star Wars" universe, which of course includes villains such as Darth Vader, Boba Fett and Kylo Ren. We look forward to learning more about them in "The Last Jedi," which opens in theaters Dec. 1[...]
    2. NASA Spots the Great Pumpkin: Halloween Asteroid a Treat for Radar Astronomers
      Wed Dec 13 05:14:53 2017
      NASA scientists are tracking the upcoming Halloween flyby of an asteroid with optical observatories and radar capabilities of the Deep Space Network at Goldstone, California. [...]
    3. NASAs Juno Probes the Depths of Jupiters Great Red Spot
      Tue Dec 12 05:00:23 2017
      Data collected by NASAs Juno spacecraft during its first pass over Jupiters Great Red Spot in July 2017 indicate that this iconic feature penetrates well below the clouds. Other revelations from the mission include that Jupiter has two previously unc[...]
    4. Jupiters Great Red Spot Is More Than 50 Times Deeper Than Earths Ocean
      Tue Dec 12 01:44:00 2017
      Jupiters Great Red Spot is more than 50 times deeper than Earths ocean. [...]
    5. Naming MU69 After One Of Earths Greatest Challenges
      Mon Dec 4 09:27:18 2017
      P Keiths note: NASA and the SETI Institute are about to complete a competition wherein people get to suggest names for MU69 - the distant body that New Horizons will fly by in January 2019. Among the top choices right now [...]
    6. M42: The Great Orion Nebula
      Wed Nov 29 05:41:58 2017
      Few astronomical sights excite the imagination like the nearby stellar nursery known as the Orion Nebula. The Nebulas glowing gas surrounds hot young stars at the edge of an immense interstellar molecular cloud. Many of the filamentary structures vis[...]
    7. Women in Space are Having a Greater Impact
      Mon Nov 27 08:45:40 2017
      When Larisa Beach started in the aerospace industry more than three decades ago, she was a lone woman in a mans world. I was basically told I would go nowhere because I wasnt a man, she says, I even had one place I applied to say youre just go[...]
    8. We may know why Jupiters Great Red Spot is red instead of white
      Thu Nov 16 15:33:00 2017
      The gases in Jupiters atmosphere should form white clouds, so why do they look red? Two teams have found different recipes for the red in the Great Red Spot[...]
    9. Great Square
      Sun Nov 12 23:00:00 2017
      The Great Square of Pegasus passes high across the south on November evenings. Its right side, which marks the squares western edge, points down toward Fomalhaut, the brightest star of Piscis Austrinus, the southern fish. [...]
    10. Astronaut Brains, the Great Pyramid and Water Bears: The Weeks Top Space Stories
      Fri Nov 3 08:30:00 2017
      Astronauts brains change during spaceflight and the Great Pyramid of Egypt harbors a void that researchers discovered using cosmic rays. Here are the most interesting things that happened in the universe this week. [...]

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