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    1. Galaxy growth in a massive halo in the first billion years of cosmic history
      Thu Dec 7 13:07:17 2017
      Observations of two galaxies made with the National Science Foundation-funded Atacama Large Millimetersubmillimeter Array ALMA radio telescope suggest that large galaxies formed faster than scientists had previously thought. [...]
    2. DARPA Laying Groundwork for Growth In-Space Robotics
      Thu Nov 9 02:15:00 2017
      The forward-leaning technology arm of the U.S. Defense Department is betting that in just a few years, the business of sending robots to repair and refresh satellites will be so successful that the government and the industry should begin preparing n[...]
    3. Supermassive black holes stifle galaxy growth
      Tue Apr 18 10:53:45 2017
      Supermassive black hole winds in a newly discovered class of galaxies are so energetic they suppress future star formation. [...]
    4. Growth Spurt
      Mon Mar 27 00:00:00 2017
      M87, a giant elliptical galaxy that looks like a fuzzy rugby ball, with no spiral arms or other major features, perches high in the east at nightfall. The galaxy is visible through small telescopes. [...]
    5. Breaking the Speed Limit: Simulation Shows Monster Black Holes Rapid Growth
      Fri Mar 24 05:10:00 2017
      They grow up so fast: A new simulation shows how supermassive black holes could have gotten so large, so quickly in the early universe by taking a shortcut via a star. [...]
    6. Planet Labs Sees Growth Opportunity in Canada
      Thu Feb 9 17:20:26 2017
      In July 2015 Planet Labs made a significant purchase in acquiring Lethbridge based Blackbridge and its Rapideye constellation of five satellites.Combined with Planets Dove satellites, they are now offering an ever expanding suite of imagery [...]
    7. Galaxys rapid growth spurt may have spawned 3000 suns per year
      Wed Dec 7 12:00:00 2016
      A distant, ancient galaxy far more massive than our own formed all its stars in less than half a billion years[...]
    8. Dense molecular gas disks drive the growth of supermassive black holes: Are supernova explosions the key?
      Thu Oct 13 08:57:52 2016
      Astronomers have revealed that dense molecular gas disks a few hundred light years in scale located at the centers of galaxies supply gas to supermassive black holes situated within them. This finding provides important insights on the growth of supe[...]

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