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    1. Stable Lava Tube Could Provide a Potential Human Habitat on the Moon
      Wed Oct 18 17:55:51 2017
      A new study by JAXA and international scientists has confirmed the existence of a stable lava tube in the Marius Hills region of the Moon. The post Stable Lava Tube Could Provide a Potential Human Habitat on the Moon appeared first on Universe [...]
    2. Potential human habitat located on the moon
      Wed Oct 18 09:43:35 2017
      A new study confirms the existence of a large open lava tube in the Marius Hills region of the moon, which could be used to protect astronauts from hazardous conditions on the surface. [...]
    3. Machine Dreams: 22 Human-Like Androids from Sci-Fi
      Mon Oct 16 08:56:00 2017
      Androids are a mainstay of science fiction, compelling audiences to question how we define what makes us human. [...]
    4. Humanitys Sci-Fi Future: Are We Really Ready for Intelligent Robots?
      Mon Oct 16 08:41:00 2017
      As technology becomes increasingly sophisticated, specialized and perhaps even autonomous, what does that mean for the humans who design and depend on it? [...]
    5. Real-Life Replicants: 6 Humanoid Robots Used for Space Exploration
      Mon Oct 16 06:30:00 2017
      Replicant robots in space? While these sophisticated robots are still far in the future, NASA and other space agencies already use humanoid robots to help do work in space. [...]
    6. Space radiation wont stop NASAs human exploration
      Fri Oct 13 08:52:34 2017
      While its true that space radiation is one of the biggest challenges for a human journey to Mars, its also true that NASA is developing technologies and countermeasures to ensure a safe and successful journey to the red planet. [...]
    7. Ion Thruster Prototype Breaks Records in Tests, Could Send Humans to Mars
      Fri Oct 13 06:00:00 2017
      A thruster being developed for a future crewed mission to Mars broke several records during a recent testing campaign. [...]
    8. What Role Will NASA Play in Getting Humans to Mars?
      Thu Oct 12 01:00:00 2017
      What role will NASA play in getting humans to Mars, and when will the agency depend on participation from commercial companies? A top NASA official discusses the agencys plans. [...]
    9. The Planetary Society is For And Against Human Spaceflight
      Mon Oct 9 13:56:33 2017
      The mission to Mars is one stupid leap for mankind , op ed, Washington Post "Still, a human traveler to Mars should make the most of its airless monotony, because there is no coming back. The long passage through the vacuum of space[...]
    10. United Arab Emirates to Establish Human Spaceflight Program
      Fri Oct 6 02:53:00 2017
      The United Arab Emirates UAE plans to establish its own astronaut corps in the next year, seeking to fly its citizens into space on other nations vehicles starting in the early 2020s. [...]

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