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    1. Station Crew Researching Mice and Microbes to Understand Human Impacts
      Wed Jun 21 17:23:28 2017
      The three orbiting crew members living on the International Space Station today explored the effects of microgravity on mice and microbes to understand how living in space impacts humans. Cargo transfers are also underway on the orbital complex after[...]
    2. Stephen Hawking: Humans Should Ride a Beam of Light to Other Planets
      Wed Jun 21 00:17:00 2017
      For humanity to ensure its success, it must explore new worlds, and one way of achieving that goal is to first send tiny space probes at blistering speeds to exoplanets near neighboring stars, he said. [...]
    3. Nat Geos Year Million Explores Humanitys Future in Space Tonight
      Mon Jun 19 10:30:00 2017
      A million years from now humans might adapt to space, and space to humans. [...]
    4. Elon Musk Details His Vision for a Human Civilization on Mars
      Sat Jun 17 18:31:32 2017
      Musk has published an essay that outlines his vision for colonizing Mars, which he unveiled last year at the 67th annual meeting of the IAC, The post Elon Musk Details His Vision for a Human Civilization on Mars appeared first on Universe Today[...]
    5. Station Crew Starts Human, Botany Studies Before Next Cargo Mission
      Mon Jun 12 16:07:34 2017
      The Expedition 52 crew of two NASA astronauts and one Roscosmos cosmonaut is in its second week aboard the International Space Station. Also, as one station resupply ship completed its mission in space on Sunday another rolled out to its pad for a la[...]
    6. Cancer Risk for a Human Mars Mission Just Got a Lot Worse
      Wed Jun 7 13:18:01 2017
      A new study by scientists from UNLV indicates that astronauts going to Mars will be at an increased risk of cancer caused by exposure to radiation. The post Cancer Risk for a Human Mars Mission Just Got a Lot Worse appeared first on Universe To[...]
    7. Astronaut Thomas Pesquet Ponders Humanitys Place in the Cosmos Video
      Sun Jun 4 07:20:00 2017
      A few days before French astronaut Thomas Pesquet departed the International Space Station, he reflected on his time in space in a heartfelt video titled "New Eyes." [...]
    8. Space Babies: Study Suggest Humans May Be Able to Have Healthy Offspring in Orbit
      Wed May 24 06:00:00 2017
      When we think about the difficulties of colonizing another planet, the last thing we probably worry about about is sex. However, for our species to survive beyond Earth its a fundamental issue. [...]
    9. Station Hosts CubeSat Launch and Human Research
      Wed May 17 16:03:50 2017
      The International Space Station is an orbiting platform to continuously explore a wide variety of space science both inside and outside the orbital lab to benefit humans and industry. For example, the five Expedition 51 crew members continued help[...]
    10. The human universe: Does consciousness create reality?
      Wed May 17 10:00:00 2017
      While not a complete figment of our imagination, the universe may only become real because were looking at it[...]

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