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    1. NASAs SLS Roadshow Heads For Indiana. The First of 50 Or Just A Stunt?
      Tue Sep 19 14:39:21 2017
      Interesting. NASA is sending a NASA_SLS PR team to the home state of VP Pence - who is also the former governor. https:t.cozoMOpUoxev — NASA Watch NASAWatch September 19, 2017 a href="ht[...]
    2. Indian PSLV Rocket Launch of Navigation Satellite Fails
      Thu Aug 31 10:29:00 2017
      An Indian Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle PSLV failed to place a navigation satellite into its planned orbit Aug. 31 when the rockets payload fairing failed to deploy. [...]
    3. DARPA Trying to Launch Smallsat Experiment on an Indian Rocket
      Wed Jul 12 03:51:00 2017
      Citing delays with its original launch on a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket, the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is trying to launch an experimental small satellite mission on a Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle from India. [...]
    4. American Indians in the Space Program to be Honored on 2019 US Dollar Coin
      Thu Jun 22 08:30:00 2017
      The United States Mint will honor the important roles that Native Americans have held in the U.S. space program with the issuance of a dollar coin in 2019. [...]
    5. NASA finds long-lost Indian lunar orbiter
      Sun Mar 12 17:25:00 2017
      India lost contact with its first lunar orbiter, the Chandrayaan-1, back in 2009. Now, NASA has revealed that the agency discovered its location in July 2016 after testing a method that can be used by future lunar missions. Chandrayaan-1 i[...]
    6. Long Lost Indian Moon Probe Found by Earth-Based NASA Radar
      Fri Mar 10 06:00:00 2017
      Powerful radar beamed from Earth has found a tiny Indian moon probe that last contacted its handlers more than seven years ago. [...]
    7. Kepler Communications Will Launch its First Satellite This November on an Indian Rocket
      Thu Feb 16 09:03:25 2017
      Kepler Communications announced today it has selectedInnovative Space Logistics B.V. ISL, part of the Innovative Solutions in Space ISIS group of the Netherlands, as their launch contractor, and that their first satellite will launch on an Indi[...]
    8. Blastoff! Record 104 Satellites Launched On Indian Rocket Video
      Wed Feb 15 10:44:00 2017
      The Indian Space Research Organization ISRO launched a Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle PSLV carrying 104 satellites 101 are nanosats on Feb. 15, 2017 0358 GMT. [...]
    9. Moon Beer? Brewing Experiment Short-Listed for Indian Lunar Lander
      Tue Jan 24 06:33:00 2017
      A team of University of California San Diego UCSD engineering students is in a ferment, all hopped up to see if beer can be brewed on the moon. [...]
    10. exactEarth Signs Contract to Provide Indian Navy with AIS Data Services and Looks Forward to 2017
      Wed Dec 21 09:47:16 2016
      exactEarth announced today it had signed a contract with Antrix Corporation of India to provide Automatic Identification System AIS data services to the Indian Navy. The three year deal contract is valued at USD 1.75 million. Antrix is the commer[...]

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    1. Indian Satellite Orbiting Moon

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