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    1. Clinton: We Need to Map the Asteroid Threat
      Tue Nov 8 01:00:00 2016
      Although space policy isnt a huge talking point in the run-up to an election, the Democratic front-runner gave a rare glimpse of her personal interest in space exploration. [...]
    2. What Trump or Clinton Would Mean for Space: Experts Weigh In
      Mon Nov 7 05:47:00 2016
      Ahead of tomorrows presidential election, some voters may wonder what each candidate will do for Americas space program.So spoke with space policy experts to see what they had to say. [...]
    3. Clinton Campaign Op Ed
      Tue Oct 25 21:24:55 2016
      Hillary will expand our space potential , op ed, Space News "We are fortunate to be entering a dynamic new era in space - one that will enable us to explore new worlds, expand our scientific knowledge, push the frontiers of technolo[...]
    4. Trump and Clinton Campaigns Talk Space
      Wed Oct 12 20:55:35 2016
      Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump weigh in on U.S. space policy , Space News "TRUMP: After taking office, we will have a comprehensive review of our plans for space, and will work with Congress to set both priorities and mission." [...]

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