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    1. Newborn Star Gorges on a Space Hamburger, Belching Spinning Jets
      Fri Jun 23 06:00:00 2017
      Astronomers have observed the eating habits of a protostar and like any youngster, it has an affinity for fast food. [...]
    2. Rosettas Comet Scrambling Its Jets
      Fri Jun 23 01:54:02 2017
      Rosettas comet destination is beginning to show a clearly visible increase in activity. [...]
    3. Burning Mystery of the Suns Plasma Jets May Finally Be Solved
      Thu Jun 22 01:08:00 2017
      A new understanding of how jets of plasma explode from the surface of the sun could help scientists crack one of the biggest mysteries surrounding our nearest star. [...]
    4. Jetpacks, Volt Rifles and Monsters: BioWares Anthem Looks Stunning
      Wed Jun 14 00:39:00 2017
      BioWares latest title is a fun-looking co-op shooter with customizable exosuits and gorgeous visuals. [...]
    5. Plasma jet engines that could take you from the ground to space
      Tue May 30 07:15:00 2017
      Jet engines that compress gas into a plasma have been successfully tested at ground level for the first time[...]
    6. Boom! Supersonic Passenger Jet Coming by 2020
      Mon May 8 03:34:00 2017
      A supersonic passenger jet could change commercial flight. [...]
    7. Jets
      Thu May 4 00:00:00 2017
      Most of the matter that passes too close to a black hole will get a one-way trip to oblivion: Itll vanish into the black hole. But some of that matter may instead get a quick trip back out into space. Thats because many black holes produce jets o[...]
    8. Buzz Aldrin Soars Over Apollo Launch Pad In Thunderbirds Jet Video
      Wed Apr 5 00:35:00 2017
      The former NASA astronaut and moonwalker flew with the US Air Force Thunderbirds over the Kennedy Space Center launch complex in Florida on April 2, 2017. [...]
    9. Stars Born Inside Violent Black Hole Jets Spotted for the 1st Time
      Mon Mar 27 11:00:00 2017
      Infant stars have been discovered inside raging streams of material spewed into space by a monstrous black hole. Surfing on the jet stream, these stars could influence the evolution of a galaxy. [...]
    10. Black Hole Accreting with Jet
      Mon Mar 27 00:23:35 2017
      What happens when a black hole devours a star? Many details remain unknown, but recent observations are providing new clues. In 2014, a powerful explosion was recorded by the ground-based robotic telescopes of the All Sky Automated Survey for SuperNo[...]

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