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    1. Rosettas Comet Scrambling Its Jets
      Wed Oct 18 17:26:10 2017
      Rosettas comet destination is beginning to show a clearly visible increase in activity. [...]
    2. Pacific Rim: Uprising with Jetpacks! Trailer Shows Mechs on Rockets
      Wed Oct 11 09:25:00 2017
      In 2013s "Pacific Rim," director Guillermo del Toro introduced audiences to a world filled with high-tech Jaeger mechs the size of skyscrapers built by humanity to defend itself against giant monsters from an otherworldly realm. [...]
    3. Equatorial jet in Venusian atmosphere
      Fri Sep 1 08:38:59 2017
      Observations by Japans Venus climate orbiter Akatsuki have revealed an equatorial jet in the lower to middle cloud layer of the planets atmosphere, a finding that could be pivotal to unraveling a phenomenon called superrotation. [...]
    4. Cosmic magnifying lens reveals inner jets of black holes
      Tue Aug 15 12:38:49 2017
      Jet material ejected from a black hole is magnified in new observations from Caltechs Owens Valley Radio Observatory. This discovery provides the best view yet of blobs of hot gas that shoot out from supermassive black holes. [...]
    5. New 3-D simulations show how galactic centers cool their jets
      Mon Aug 14 11:09:22 2017
      Scientists have developed new theories and 3-D simulations to explain whats at work in the mysterious jets of energy and matter beaming from the center of galaxies at nearly the speed of light. [...]
    6. NASA Will Chase the Upcoming Solar Eclipse Using Telescopes Mounted on Jets
      Thu Aug 3 08:45:00 2017
      Observed from the ground, the total solar eclipse happening on August 21, when the Moon completely blocks your view of the Sun, will be visible for up to 160 seconds. It will be a fleeting glimpse of a rare phenomenon, which is why NASA plans to c[...]
    7. Jet Lightning! Rarely Seen Gigantic Jets Spotted by Cloud Cam Video
      Mon Jul 31 04:00:00 2017
      A spectacular outburst of jet lightning, also known as "gigantic jets," was captured by the Gemini Observatorys cloud camera on Mauna Kea in Hawaii on July 24, 2017. [...]
    8. Today in Space! July 27, 1962: First Zero-G Cosmonaut Training on Soviet Jetliner
      Thu Jul 27 06:00:00 2017
      Find out what happened on July 27, 1962, when two Russian cosmonauts boarded a Soviet airliner and experienced weightlessness without going to space. [...]
    9. Chasing the Total Solar Eclipse from NASAs WB-57F jets
      Tue Jul 25 11:20:06 2017
      A team of scientists will take to the skies during the Aug. 21 eclipse, using two of NASAs WB-57 jet planes to chase the shadow of the moon for unparalleled observations of the sun and Mercury. [...]
    10. NASA moves ahead with plans to build a quiet supersonic jet
      Mon Jul 24 15:51:00 2017
      NASAs dreams of a quiet supersonic jet are one step closer to fruition. The agency tells Bloomberg that itll start taking bids to build a larger 94-foot real-world demo version of the aircraft that it tunnel-tested in June, and we n[...]

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