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    1. Johnson Space Center JSC: NASAs Houston
      Thu Jan 18 08:02:00 2018
      Facts and information about the home of NASAs astronaut corps. [...]
    2. How John Young Smuggled a Corned-Beef Sandwich into Space
      Wed Jan 10 06:40:00 2018
      NASA astronaut John Young, who died Jan. 5, is remembered for a small scandal after he smuggled a corned-beef sandwich into space. [...]
    3. Fellow Astronauts Remember John Young as Crewmate, Hero and Great American
      Tue Jan 9 10:57:00 2018
      Astronauts who flew on space missions with John Young, and others who followed him to space, have paid tribute to their friend and colleague, who was the ninth person to walk on the moon and first space shuttle mission commander. [...]
    4. John Young: The Prolific Astronaut
      Mon Jan 8 10:30:00 2018
      Astronaut John Young, the ninth man to walk on the moon, flew on three NASA programs: Gemini, Apollo and the space shuttle. [...]
    5. Original Space Shuttle commander John Young dies
      Sat Jan 6 15:31:00 2018
      Spaceflight just lost one of its better-known icons: NASA astronaut John Young has died at the age of 87. He was best known as the commander of the first Space Shuttle mission, taking Columbia into orbit in 1981. However, that was just o[...]
    6. John Young
      Sat Jan 6 12:48:25 2018
      NASA Remembers John Young, The Agencys Most Experienced Astronaut "The following is a statement from acting NASA Administrator Robert Lightfoot on the passing of John Young, who died Friday night following complications from pneumo[...]
    7. John Young in Photos: Astronaut, Moonwalker and Space Shuttle Pioneer
      Sat Jan 6 00:51:00 2018
      Astronaut John Young, a veteran of six space missions, died Jan. 5, 2018 due to complications with pneumonia. See his storied career, which took Young to the moon and back, then on NASA shuttles, in photos here. [...]
    8. Astronaut John Young, Who Walked on the Moon and Led 1st Shuttle Mission, Dies at 87
      Sat Jan 6 00:07:00 2018
      John Young, NASAs longest-serving astronaut, who walked on the moon and flew on the first Gemini and space shuttle missions, has died. He was 87. [...]
    9. Science Fiction: slavery stereotypes, and a new M. John Harrison
      Mon Dec 4 11:20:00 2017
      From challenging stereotypes about slavery to the necessity of finding any kind of exit from a mundane life, escape dominates new sci-fi[...]
    10. Weekly Space Hangout Nov. 15, 2017: Dr. Manuella Campanelli and Dr. John Whelan of RIT
      Mon Nov 13 14:08:52 2017
      Hosts: Fraser Cain fcain Dr. Paul M. Sutter PaulMattSutter Dr. Kimberly Cartier AstroKimCartier Dr. Morgan Rehnberg MorganRehnberg Special [...]

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