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    1. Air Force Lays Out Its Case for Keeping Space Operations
      Mon May 22 02:00:00 2017
      Separating space operations from the Air Force would hamper the services efforts to address threats in orbit, Chief of Staff Gen. David Goldfein said May 17. [...]
    2. 5,000 Days in Space! Astronomy Robot Spitzer Space Telescope Keeps Scanning Video
      Mon May 8 00:26:00 2017
      Learn how the space telescope autonomously scans targets. The NASA space telescope launched on Aug. 25, 2003 and reached the 5000 day mark on May 3, 2017. [...]
    3. Review: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Goes a Little Backward, but Keeps MCU Winning Streak Alive
      Fri May 5 06:00:00 2017
      The first Guardians was that epic high school party you still talk about at reunions - this is an attempt to top that. [...]
    4. Can You Keep Kosher or Halal in Space?
      Tue Apr 18 06:37:00 2017
      Astronauts on the International Space Station cant follow strict kosher or halal laws, but the scientists at NASAs food lab have a few options for observant space fliers. [...]
    5. Bill Nye to President Trump: Keep Shooting for Mars, Boost NASA Budget
      Tue Mar 14 09:01:00 2017
      President Donald Trump should increase NASAs budget and let the space agency keep working to send astronauts to Mars, former TV "Science Guy" Bill Nye said. [...]
    6. After Math: Keep pace in the space race
      Sun Mar 12 10:00:00 2017
      Its been a productive week for those of us trying to get the hell off this crazy planet. NASA showed off a radiation-proof flight vest for interplanetary astronauts while Blue Origin debuted its latest rocket engine and previewed its up[...]
    7. Trump Has Sent a "Entrepreneur Extraordinaire" To Keep an Eye on NASA HQ
      Thu Mar 9 13:25:56 2017
      New Trump political watchdogWH liaison at NASA HQ Jonathan Dimock https:t.coIB0lk1tTmx which says he&39;s a "Entrepreneur Extraordinaire" pic.twitter.comq8FZuJWeMA — NASA Watch NASAWatch March 9, 2017 [...]
    8. Ongoing Space Science Seeks to Keep Astronauts Healthy
      Tue Mar 7 16:54:43 2017
      NASA is preparing for longer human journeys deeper into space and is exploring how to keep astronauts healthy and productive. The Expedition 50 crew members today studied space nutrition, measured their bodies and checked their eyes to learn how to a[...]
    9. Tales from the Exoplanet Archive: How NASA Keeps Track of Alien Worlds
      Sun Jan 29 07:00:00 2017
      The Milky Way is littered with a vast diversity of planets heres how NASA keeps track of them. [...]
    10. Keeping Mars and Earth Clean: NASA Notes Planetary Protection Gaps
      Tue Nov 29 06:00:00 2016
      Scientists have identified 25 gaps in knowledge when it comes to limiting interplanetary contamination by human crews during future space missions. [...]

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