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    1. Cassini Saturn Probe Preps for Last Hurrah
      Wed Aug 16 02:57:00 2017
      On Monday Aug. 14, NASAs Cassini spacecraft made the first of five passes through Saturns upper atmosphere, kicking off the last phase of the missions "Grand Finale." The probe will end its life with a plunge into Saturns atmosphere on Sept. 15. [...]
    2. Cassini Probes Last Saturn Mysteries 1 Month from Demise
      Tue Aug 15 03:07:00 2017
      The end is nigh for NASAs trailblazing Cassini mission to Saturn as the veteran spacecraft enters its final month in orbit. The probe will burn up like an artificial meteor in the gas giants upper atmosphere on Sept. 15. [...]
    3. Stunning SpaceX Space Station Cargo Blastoff and Cape Landing Kicks Off Sunshine State Liftoff Trio
      Mon Aug 14 22:56:35 2017
      KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, FL Todays Aug. 14 stunning SpaceX Space Station cargo delivery blastoff to the International Space Station ISS and flawless first stage landing from the Kennedy Space Center and Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in the Su[...]
    4. One Week Until the 2017 Solar Eclipse! Here Are Some Last-Minute Tips
      Mon Aug 14 05:30:00 2017
      Tens of millions of people will travel to see the eclipse, overwhelming local businesses, roads and phone networks. Heres what to plan for. [...]
    5. Last Day To Get Eclipse Glasses from Amazon Via Ground Shipping
      Fri Aug 11 00:52:00 2017
      Were just days away from 2017s total solar eclipse on Aug. 21 , an event we wont witness again until 2024. But as excited as we are about the upcoming eclipse, one should never look at a partial solar eclipse without proper eye protection. [...]
    6. A Real Dynamo: Moons Magnetic Field Lasted Far Longer Than Thought
      Thu Aug 10 08:14:00 2017
      The moons magnetic field lasted at least 1 billion years longer than previously thought, a new study finds. This suggests that alien moons and planets may also have magnetic fields that can survive for a long time and potentially help shelter extrate[...]
    7. Moons magnetic field lasted twice as long as we thought it did
      Wed Aug 9 14:33:00 2017
      Lunar rock shows the moons magnetic field lasted a billion years longer than we thought, which may help us understand how planets keep their protective fields[...]
    8. Ancient Mars Lakes & Laser Blasts: Curiosity Rovers 10 Biggest Moments in 1st 5 Years
      Fri Aug 4 04:02:00 2017
      NASAs Mars rover Curiosity landed inside Mars huge Gale Crater on Aug. 5, 2012. Here are some of the highlights of the car-size robots first five years on the Red Planet. [...]
    9. Earth Will Have Its Last Total Solar Eclipse in About 600 Million Years
      Mon Jul 31 06:28:00 2017
      During the total solar eclipse on Aug. 21, skywatchers will direct most of their attention to the sun, but dont forget about the moon: Its slow progress away from Earth means these celestial events wont keep happening forever. [...]
    10. New Crew Blasts Off to Station
      Fri Jul 28 16:04:58 2017
      The Soyuz MS-05 launched from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan to the International Space Station at 11:41 a.m. EDT Friday, July 28 9:41 p.m. in Baikonur. About four minutes prior to launch, the space station flew over the launch site and was [...]

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