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    1. Asteroid Named for Nobel Prize Winner Joins Historic Lineup
      Fri Jun 23 05:11:21 2017
      An asteroid discovered by NASAs NEOWISE spacecraft has a new designation: 316201 Malala, to honor Malala Yousafzai of Pakistan, who received the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize. [...]
    2. NASA Debuts Automated System to Streamline Technology Patent Licensing
      Tue Jun 20 09:27:00 2017
      NASA has developed a new system to streamline the way the agency licenses its technology patents, making the transfer of NASA-patented innovations to industry easier than ever before.[...]
    3. Media Invited to Learn about NASAs Project to Streamline Air Travel
      Mon Jun 19 16:18:00 2017
      Media are invited to watch a virtual presentation and briefing on NASAs Airspace Technology Demonstration 2 ATD-2 Integrated Arrival Departure Surface Metroplex Traffic Management System at 11:30 a.m. EDT on Thursday, June 22.[...]
    4. Messages from fake aliens decoded quickly in online SETI contest
      Tue Jun 13 10:00:00 2017
      The general public were challenged to decrypt a pretend message from outer space consisting of nearly 2 million binary digits. They took less than a month to solve it[...]
    5. 10th Annual World Science Festival Kicks Off in NYC: Watch the Events Online
      Wed May 31 03:10:00 2017
      Even if you cant make it to the Big Apple, you can catch some of the action live online. [...]
    6. Crewed Mars Mission May Require a Hard Deadline from Lawmakers, Experts Say
      Wed May 17 06:00:00 2017
      NASAs plans to send humans to Mars by the 2030s could depend on whether lawmakers set a clear objective and timeline for the mission, according to some of the people involved in that pursuit. [...]
    7. Buzz Aldrin Is Online Today
      Tue May 9 11:15:34 2017
      Its always cool to see stuff at a conference like this when you sign into the WiFi HumansToMars RealBuzzAldrin pic.twitter.comywlH3pgVZH — NASA Watch NASAWatch May 9, 2017 img src="http:feeds.[...]
    8. NASA Awards Omnibus Multidiscipline Engineering Services Contract
      Thu May 4 15:00:00 2017
      NASA has awarded the Omnibus Multidiscipline Engineering Services OMES II contract to Science Applications International Corporation SAIC of McLean, Virginia, to support the Applied Engineering and Technology Directorate, located at NASAs Goddard[...]
    9. NASA Celebrates Earth Day with Public Events, Online Activities
      Mon Apr 17 14:49:00 2017
      This year, NASA will celebrate Earth Day, April 22, with a variety of live and online activities Thursday and Friday, April 20-21, to engage the public in the agencys mission to better understand and protect our home planet.[...]
    10. Chinas National Space Agency Boss Outlines Space Exploration Agenda
      Fri Apr 14 05:59:00 2017
      China is pushing forward on a number of space fronts, including milestone-making robotic missions to the moon, as well as scoping out an automated Mars sample-return mission by 2030. [...]

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