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    1. Q&A with Apollo 17s Jack Schmitt: Remembering the Past, Looking to the Future
      Thu Dec 7 06:00:00 2017
      Apollo 17 astronaut Harrison "Jack" Schmitt shares his thoughts on the Apollo program and the future of American deep-space exploration. [...]
    2. Looking For Extraterrestrial Life In West Virginia
      Mon Dec 4 09:25:08 2017
      Going Off Source: Time Away With SETI In West Virginia "20 years ago I made a trip to West Virginia to hang out with SETI researcher Jill Tarter and see how she searched the skies for evidence of life elsewhere. The region is very [...]
    3. That Interstellar Asteroid is Probably Pretty Strange Looking
      Mon Nov 20 17:15:33 2017
      A new study by a team of international researchers shows that the interstellar asteroid Oumuamua is pretty odd in terms of its appearance The post That Interstellar Asteroid is Probably Pretty Strange Looking appeared first on Universe Today .[...]
    4. The Canadian Space Agency is Looking for Ideas for Secondary Planetary Science Payloads
      Mon Nov 20 10:29:59 2017
      The Canadian Space Agency issued a request for proposals RFP this morning looking for concepts for secondary science payloads for future missions. According to the RFP,Space Exploration Concept Studies for Planetary Secondary Payloads and Nanomi[...]
    5. Hey NASA: These Are The Droids You Should Be Looking For
      Thu Nov 16 20:15:33 2017
      P Keiths 16 Nov update: Just the other day I posted some new video below of the latest cool droid from Boston Dynamics. Now they have simply outdone themselves. Compare NASAs tetheredhoisted R5 make stiff d[...]
    6. Hey NASA: This Is The Droid You Were Looking For
      Tue Nov 14 00:45:09 2017
      P Keiths note: NASA poured lots of money into its R5 robot that cannot walk unless it is on a hoist and controlled by a human. It is always broken. So they gave away these broken droids to several universities [...]
    7. NASA Looking for Private Organizations to Take Over Spitzer Mission
      Wed Nov 1 05:54:00 2017
      NASA is considering handing over operations of one of its flagship "Great Observatories" to a private organization that would also be responsible for funding the spacecraft. [...]
    8. Looking Back at the Jupiter Crash 20 Years Later
      Mon Oct 30 19:42:11 2017
      Twenty years ago, space assets from NASAJPL watched as the fragments of comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 made their historic plunge into the atmosphere of Jupiter. [...]
    9. Looking for Signs of Life on Distant Planets Just Got Easier
      Fri Oct 20 13:48:31 2017
      A recent study from NASAs Goddard Institute for Space Studies GISS has produced a new 3-D model for determining exoplanet habitability. The post Looking for Signs of Life on Distant Planets Just Got Easier appeared first on Universe Today . [...]
    10. Looking Backward And Forward In Space
      Mon Oct 16 18:15:48 2017
      No, human space exploration is not a dead end , op ed, Marillyn Hewson Locheed Martin, Washington Post "For Post columnist David Von Drehle, NASAs renewed focus on human space exploration is "unnecessary" and "a dead end." I funda[...]

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