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    1. Christa McAuliffes Lost Challenger Lessons to be Taught on Space Station
      Sat Jan 20 06:10:00 2018
      Two educators turned NASA astronauts will film science lessons aboard the International Space Station that were planned for the late Christa McAuliffe, the first "teacher in space," who died on board space shuttle Challenger in January 1986. [...]
    2. Russia Lost a 45 Million Weather Satellite Due to Human Error, Official Says
      Thu Jan 4 06:14:00 2018
      The loss of a 45 million Russian weather satellite last November was due to human error, a high-ranking official said, because the satellites programming was set for the wrong launch site. [...]
    3. Contact Lost with Angosat-1, Manufacturer Says
      Wed Dec 27 00:11:00 2017
      RSC Energia of Moscow said Dec. 27 that the satellite it built for Angola has stopped sending telemetry data after separating from the rocket upper stage that took it to geostationary transfer orbit. [...]
    4. Beagle 2: How We Found Our Lost Mars Lander After a Decade And Whats Next
      Tue Dec 26 06:12:00 2017
      The last picture taken of the Mars lander Beagle 2 showed it being successfully ejected from Mars Express on Christmas Day in 2003. But sadly, we never got a signal back from the lander and have ever since tried to work out what happened, and where i[...]
    5. Spy Satellites Reveal Ancient Lost Empires in Afghanistan
      Fri Dec 15 02:59:00 2017
      Spy satellite and drone imagery is revealing ancient Silk Road outposts and other lost archeological treasures in the treacherous deserts of Afghanistan. [...]
    6. Smart Spacesuit Could Save Lost Astronauts with Take Me Home Button
      Tue Dec 5 06:26:00 2017
      Engineers have filed a patent for a spacesuit self-return system to ensure spacewalking astronauts are safe, even if none of their crewmates can rescue them. [...]
    7. Spacesuit take me home feature could save lost astronauts
      Mon Dec 4 11:19:00 2017
      The greatest fear for many astronauts is to get lost or disoriented during a spacewalk , especially if its untethered. How do you get back to safety with no sense of direction, little to no help and a limited supply of oxygen? Researchers a[...]
    8. Supermoon Quiz! Are You Super or Just Lost in Space?
      Fri Dec 1 06:15:00 2017
      While the moon is always a beautiful sight in the sky, occasionally skywatchers are treated to a special "supermoon." Do you know at what phase a supermoon occurs? Or why supermoons dont happen every month? Take this quiz and see how you do! [...]
    9. Soyuz Satellites Feared Lost in Launch Failure
      Wed Nov 29 01:46:00 2017
      Nineteen satellites launched on a Soyuz rocket Nov. 28 are now widely assumed to be lost, with one of the companies involved in the mission stating that the launch was a failure. [...]
    10. Governor Generals and Science Policy Conference Message of Creating a Science-Literate Society Lost in Media Frenzy
      Wed Nov 8 10:26:42 2017
      The Evening of Celebration and Inspiration, Celebrating 150 Years of Canadian Science Achievement, lived up to its title at the ninth annual Canadian Science Policy Conference in Ottawa. The lineup of fantastic featured speakers, as well as the pres[...]

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