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    1. In 1925, Observers Lined Manhattan to Measure the Total Solar Eclipse
      Fri Aug 11 11:16:00 2017
      During a 1925 total solar eclipse over New York City, the streetlights turned on, three women fainted, vendors sold smoked glass while exhorting passersby to "save your eyes for 10 cents" and seagulls landed in the water, assuming it was night. [...]
    2. Dark Energy Survey reveals most accurate measurement of universes dark matter
      Thu Aug 3 11:06:20 2017
      Dark Energy Survey scientists have unveiled the most accurate measurement ever made of the present large-scale structure of the universe. These measurements of the amount and clumpiness or distribution of dark matter in the present-day cosmos were [...]
    3. Best measure of star-forming material in galaxy clusters in early universe
      Thu Jul 20 12:31:10 2017
      The international Spitzer Adaptation of the Red-sequence Cluster Survey SpARCS collaboration has combined observations from several of the worlds most powerful telescopes to carry out one of the largest studies yet of molecular gas -- the raw mater[...]
    4. Astronomers Measure the Mass of a White Dwarf, and Prove Einstein was Right Again
      Thu Jun 8 17:51:22 2017
      Using the Hubble Space Telescope, a team of NASA astronomers has repeated an old experiment that was used to confirm General Relativity The post Astronomers Measure the Mass of a White Dwarf, and Prove Einstein was Right Again appeared f[...]
    5. Century-old relativity experiment used to measure a white dwarfs mass
      Wed Jun 7 13:26:04 2017
      Astronomers have used the sharp vision of NASAs Hubble Space Telescope to repeat a century-old test of Einsteins general theory of relativity. The team measured the mass of white dwarf Stein 2051 B, the burned-out remnant of a normal star, by seein[...]
    6. Mass of a white dwarf star directly measured for the first time
      Wed Jun 7 11:15:00 2017
      Einstein said it couldnt be done, but astrophysicists have used his prediction that gravity bends light to directly measure the mass of a dense stellar remnant[...]
    7. In First, Einstein Relativity Experiment Used to Measure a Stars Mass
      Wed Jun 7 10:20:00 2017
      A phenomenon first predicted by Albert Einstein has been used for the first time to measure the mass of an individual star. The finding has helped settled a century-old dispute. [...]
    8. Scientists measure black holes tilt, spin for clues to how massive stars die
      Thu Jun 1 14:18:42 2017
      Scientists working with the LIGO Scientific Collaboration measured and interpreted the spin and alignment of a newly formed black hole detected on Jan. 4 by LIGO. The team also simulated the gravitational wave signal produced in the collision that fo[...]
    9. Dragon Training and Body Measurements on Station Today
      Thu May 25 17:50:45 2017
      The Expedition 51 crew trained today for the next SpaceX Dragon mission due early next month. The five crew members also explored how microgravity affects their bodies to help scientists keep astronauts healthy in space. The next Dragon mission, S[...]
    10. How Doctor Whos TARDIS Measures Up with Real Instruments of Space & Time
      Mon Apr 17 00:22:00 2017
      Whether nature actually allows such solutions to exist is still an open debate among theoretical physicists, and even if time travel could happen we certainly dont know how to build a time machine. So well just have to compare fiction with reality. [...]

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