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    1. NASA Response To New NSF Measures Dealing With Sexual Harassment
      Thu Feb 8 15:44:38 2018
      NSF requires institutions to report sexual harassment findings , Science "The National Science Foundation NSF in Alexandria, Virginia, announced today a new set of measures to combat sexual harassment by people working on the proj[...]
    2. First proper motions measured of stars in a small galaxy outside the Milky Way
      Mon Nov 27 11:47:37 2017
      By combining data from the Hubble Space Telescope and the Gaia mission, astronomers have been able to measure the proper motion of 15 stars in the Sculptor Galaxy, the first such measurement outside the Milky Way. Analysis shows an unexpected prefere[...]
    3. First direct measurements of high energy electrons in space
      Fri Nov 3 09:58:10 2017
      The CALET Cosmic Ray experiment has successfully carried out the high-precision measurement of cosmic-ray electron spectrum up to 3 tera electron volts TeV by using the CALorimetric Electron Telescope CALET on the Japanese Experimental Module, th[...]
    4. Astronomers just measured a whole lot more than gravitational waves
      Mon Oct 16 09:00:00 2017
      A couple of weeks ago, the LIGO Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory and Virgo teams announced the detection of another set of gravitational waves -- the fourth since LIGOs first detection in September of 2015. The o[...]
    5. Measurement promises complete picture of Milky Way
      Thu Oct 12 13:34:05 2017
      Distance measured out to the far side of our Milky Way means that radio astronomers now can work on producing an accurate map of the full extent of our galaxys structure for the first time. [...]
    6. Far,Far Away! Glowing Objects Measurement Sets Milky Way Distance Record
      Thu Oct 12 01:11:00 2017
      Astronomers have directly measured a blazing-bright object on the opposite side of the Milky Way, almost doubling the record for the most distant object measured in our own galaxy. [...]
    7. The Canadian Space Agency Looks to Measure the Socioeconomic Impact of Space Weather
      Tue Sep 5 09:21:29 2017
      The Canadian Space Agency today released a request for proposals RFP to study the socioeconomic impacts of space weather on Canadas infrastructure. A contract valued up to 300,000 will be awarded in October for the 15 month study. Once the[...]
    8. In 1925, Observers Lined Manhattan to Measure the Total Solar Eclipse
      Fri Aug 11 11:16:00 2017
      During a 1925 total solar eclipse over New York City, the streetlights turned on, three women fainted, vendors sold smoked glass while exhorting passersby to "save your eyes for 10 cents" and seagulls landed in the water, assuming it was night. [...]
    9. Dark Energy Survey reveals most accurate measurement of universes dark matter
      Thu Aug 3 11:06:20 2017
      Dark Energy Survey scientists have unveiled the most accurate measurement ever made of the present large-scale structure of the universe. These measurements of the amount and clumpiness or distribution of dark matter in the present-day cosmos were [...]
    10. Best measure of star-forming material in galaxy clusters in early universe
      Thu Jul 20 12:31:10 2017
      The international Spitzer Adaptation of the Red-sequence Cluster Survey SpARCS collaboration has combined observations from several of the worlds most powerful telescopes to carry out one of the largest studies yet of molecular gas -- the raw mater[...]

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