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    1. American Astronauts Are Going Back to the Moon
      Mon Dec 11 15:07:00 2017
      President Donald Trump has signed a directive that authorizes NASA to return American astronauts to the Moona mission that would lay the foundation for a possible mission to Mars. The renewed emphasis on space exploration, said Trump, is to ensure[...]
    2. Trump to sign directive ordering NASA to return to the Moon
      Mon Dec 11 11:43:00 2017
      President Trumps administration hasnt been shy about wanting to put people back on the Moon , and now its taking action to make sure that happens. In a statement , the White House said the President would sign Space Policy Directive 1, whi[...]
    3. Apollo 17 Astronaut Begins Releasing Diary 45 Years After Moon Mission
      Mon Dec 11 10:08:00 2017
      Harrison Schmitt went for a walk on Dec. 11, 1972. Forty-five years later, he is almost ready to share his diary of that day on the moon. [...]
    4. Moon-Related Announcement From White House on Monday
      Sun Dec 10 22:18:04 2017
      Subject: DAILY GUIDANCE AND PRESS SCHEDULE FOR MONDAY, DECEMBER 11, 2017 , PublicPool "Later in the afternoon, the President will meet with Congressman Bill Shuster before participating in a signing ceremony for Space Policy Directi[...]
    5. New Moon December 2017: See Planets and Constellations in the Moonless Sky
      Sun Dec 10 07:28:00 2017
      The new moon will rise on the morning of Dec. 18, and while you wont be able to find it in the sky, there will be several other celestial sights to enjoy. [...]
    6. Last-Quarter Moon
      Sat Dec 9 00:00:00 2017
      The Moon will reach its last-quarter phase at 1:51 a.m. CST tomorrow, when it lines up at a right angle to the line between Earth and the Sun. Sunlight will illuminate half of the lunar surface, with that fraction growing smaller over the coming [...]
    7. Alpine Superga Moonset
      Fri Dec 8 03:07:20 2017
      Decembers Full Moon phase occurred near perigee, the closest point in its orbit around our fair planet. Big and bright, the fully illuminated lunar disk sets over rugged mountains in this early morningscape from Turin, Italy. Captured just before sun[...]
    8. More Moon and Regulus
      Fri Dec 8 00:00:00 2017
      Regulus, which marks the heart of the lion, crouches to the right of the Moon at first light tomorrow. Regulus is one of the brightest stars in northern skies, so its hard to miss. [...]
    9. The Moon Shines Brightly Among NASAs 2017 Highlights
      Thu Dec 7 11:31:00 2017
      The Moon became a key focus point for NASA in 2017, whether it was blocking out the Sun during one of the most-viewed events in U.S. history, or reinvigorating the agencys human space exploration plans.[...]
    10. PTScientists Mission to the Moon to Take Care Not to Harm Apollo 17 Landing Site
      Thu Dec 7 10:48:00 2017
      A German company aiming to launch robotic rovers on the first mission to the last Apollo moon landing site has pledged to protect the historic artifacts present there. [...]

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