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    1. On This Day In Space! Feb. 16, 1948: Gerard Kuiper Discovers Uranus Moon Miranda
      Fri Feb 16 06:11:00 2018
      On February 15, 2013, a small asteroid exploded over the city of Chelyabinsk, Russia. See how it happened in our On This Day in Space video series. [...]
    2. See the Earth and Moon from 40 Million Miles Away Photo
      Thu Feb 15 06:16:00 2018
      Heres a new perspective on your home planet, helpfully provided by a NASA asteroid-sampling probe. [...]
    3. Saturn Moon Enceladus Blasts Rings with Geysers in Gorgeous Cassini Photo
      Thu Feb 15 06:09:00 2018
      The beauty, intrigue and diversity of the Saturn system come through loud and clear in a newly released photo that doesnt even show the giant planet itself. [...]
    4. New Moon
      Thu Feb 15 00:00:00 2018
      The Moon is new today as it crosses the imaginary line between Earth and Sun. It is immersed in the Suns glow, so its not visible. It will return to view as a thin crescent in the western evening sky in a couple of days. [...]
    5. Saturns Contrasting Moons Pair Up in Spectacular Cassini Photo
      Wed Feb 14 05:53:00 2018
      Saturns cratered moon Rhea passes in front of the hazy giant Titan in an image from NASAs Cassini spacecraft, which completed its mission by diving into Saturn in September. [...]
    6. Trumps new budget wont land us on the moon anytime soon
      Mon Feb 12 10:00:00 2018
      Vice President Pence may have vowed that the US would return astronauts to the moon , but it looks like we arent getting there anytime soon. Ars Technicaem[...]
    7. Trumps 2019 NASA Budget Request Puts Moon Ahead of Space Station
      Mon Feb 12 01:18:00 2018
      NASAs 2019 budget proposal under the Trump administration calls 19.9 billion in funding, an increase, but cuts funding for the International Space Station while cancelling a space telescope and five Earth missions. [...]
    8. Moon and Saturn
      Sat Feb 10 00:00:00 2018
      The planet Saturn stands in the southeast at first light now. It looks like a bright golden star. Tomorrow, it will be just below the crescent Moon, making it an especially easy target to find. [...]
    9. Bow Tie Moon and Star Trails
      Thu Feb 8 03:22:00 2018
      On January 31, a leisurely lunar eclipse was enjoyed from all over the night side of planet Earth, the first of three consecutive total eclipses of the Moon. This dramatic time-lapse image followed the celestial performance for over three hours in a [...]
    10. Crescent Meets Ring: Catch the Saturn-Moon Pairing Sunday
      Thu Feb 8 01:32:00 2018
      If youre up before sunrise this weekend, look for Saturn in the southeast sky, hovering just below the crescent moon. Viewed through a moderate-size telescope, the ringed planet is a stunning celestial sight. [...]

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