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    1. NASA Releases Tool Enabling Citizen Scientists to Examine Asteroid Vesta
      Mon Dec 11 13:22:01 2017
      NASA has announced the release of Vesta Trek, a free, web-based application that provides detailed visualizations of Vesta, one of the largest asteroids in our solar system. [...]
    2. NASA Provides Coverage of Todays Space Policy Directive Signing
      Mon Dec 11 11:43:00 2017
      NASA Television and the agencys website will provide live coverage of the Space Policy Directive 1 signing ceremony at the White House at 3 p.m. EST today.[...]
    3. Trump to sign directive ordering NASA to return to the Moon
      Mon Dec 11 11:43:00 2017
      President Trumps administration hasnt been shy about wanting to put people back on the Moon , and now its taking action to make sure that happens. In a statement , the White House said the President would sign Space Policy Directive 1, whi[...]
    4. NASA, FEMA Hold Asteroid Emergency Planning Exercise
      Mon Dec 11 10:50:41 2017
      What would we do if we discovered a large asteroid on course to impact Earth? That highly unlikely scenario was discussed at a recent NASA-FEMA tabletop exercise. [...]
    5. NASAs high altitude ER-2 scans Californias wildfires
      Mon Dec 11 10:03:00 2017
      For the second time this year, swaths of California are burning out of control thanks to unseasonably warm and dry temperatures. To better study whats happening and assess the environmental impact, NASA deployed its high-altitude ER-2 airc[...]
    6. NASA Glenn Tests Thruster Bound for Metal World
      Mon Dec 11 07:27:32 2017
      NASA is testing cutting-edge propulsion for upcoming asteroid mission. [...]
    7. No NASA Jitters Ahead of SpaceXs Used-Rocket Launch to Space Station Tuesday
      Mon Dec 11 00:35:00 2017
      SpaceX is launching a used rocked and used spacecraft tomorrow Dec. 12 a first for the company, and a milestone in its quest for full and rapid reusability. [...]
    8. NASA Media Telecon Today: First Spacecraft Successfully Enters Orbit Around a Dwarf Planet
      Sun Dec 10 23:32:19 2017
      NASA will host a media teleconference at 11 a.m. PST 2 p.m. EST today to discuss the historic arrival of the agencys Dawn spacecraft at the dwarf planet Ceres. [...]
    9. Comet Feature Named After Late NASA Scientist Claudia Alexander
      Sun Dec 10 20:36:11 2017
      Scientists from the European Space Agencys Rosetta mission honor their deceased colleague, Claudia Alexander of JPL, by naming a feature after her on the missions target comet. [...]
    10. Confirming The Next NASA Administrator
      Sun Dec 10 19:54:45 2017
      Keiths note: This White House event could serve to put some wind into Rep. Bridenstines sails as he awaits a vote to confirm him as NASA administrator. If the White House is going to continue to throw its strong support toward NASA on[...]

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