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    1. Trump Space Policy Leaves Obama Space Policy Intact Except For MoonMars Pivot
      Wed Dec 13 09:30:12 2017
      P Larger Image Keiths note: As former Obama OSTP official Phil Larson notes, the Space Policy Directive 1 issued on Monday only revises a very, very small portion of the existing space policy. Since this White H[...]
    2. Welcome To TrumpSpace Its Really ObamaSpace
      Tue May 23 08:22:47 2017
      NASA to Discuss FY2018 Budget Proposal, Provide Virtual Tours of Centers "NASA will hold a series of events Tuesday, May 23, highlighting the agencys Fiscal Year 2018 budget proposal, including a televised State of NASA address by [...]
    3. Obamas legacy: The most tech-savvy president
      Sat Jan 21 09:00:00 2017
      When Barack Obama moved into the White House on January 20th, 2009, the federal government was in the digital dark ages . Even as late as 2011, he was complaining that the White House was 30 years behind . Among other things, Obama was the[...]
    4. President Obamas Space Legacy: Mars, Private Spaceflight and More
      Thu Jan 19 05:55:00 2017
      A lot has changed in the fields of spaceflight and space exploration since President Barack Obama came to power eight years ago. Heres Space.coms admittedly premature look at the 44th presidents space legacy. [...]
    5. President Obama to NASA: Thanks for Sending My Signature to Mars
      Fri Jan 13 04:39:00 2017
      NASAs Curiosity Mars rover arrived at the Red Planet in 2012, carrying a special embellishment: a plaque with signatures from the countrys top officials, including U.S. President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden. [...]
    6. Outgoing Obama Administration Highlights Space Achievements in Series of Exit Memos
      Fri Jan 6 00:42:00 2017
      The outgoing Obama administration has highlighted its space achievements in a series of exit memos. [...]
    7. Obama honors code pioneers Grace Hopper and Margaret Hamilton
      Fri Nov 18 14:53:00 2016
      Bill Gates will receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom on November 22nd, but he wouldnt be where he is without two of the other honorees, Grace Hopper and Margaret Hamilton . They developed the first programming language and compiler, [...]
    8. Obama Is In Space Legacy Mode
      Tue Oct 18 14:14:18 2016
      Blue PlanetRed Planet Politics: Obamas Giant Leap for Legacy , Scientific American "Yet whether Mars will truly be part of the presidents space legacy remains to be seen, says Marcia Smith, founder and editor of SpacePolicyOnline.c[...]
    9. President Obama calls for a plan to deal with extreme space weather
      Sun Oct 16 19:54:00 2016
      As President Barack Obamas administration enters its final stages, hes paying more attention to whats going on way, way above us than expected. Just days after the president outlined his vision for landing humans on Mars by the 2030s, he is[...]
    10. Obama Takes A Space Policy Victory Lap
      Thu Oct 13 14:36:33 2016
      "You almost want to get in and take off, don&39;t you?" POTUS says. pic.twitter.comDfAJOGyBWR — Jeff Mason jeffmason1 October 13, 2016 Interplanetary Frontiers, OSTP: Harnessing the Possibilitie[...]

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