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    1. Dawn Finds Possible Ancient Ocean Remnants at Ceres
      Fri Dec 15 17:34:18 2017
      Ceres crust as we see it today, with its mixture of ice, salts and hydrated materials, represents most of the dwarf planets ancient ocean, scientists say. [...]
    2. Dwarf Planet Ceres Bright Spots Suggest an Ancient Ocean
      Thu Dec 14 06:23:00 2017
      Ceres bright patches may overlie pools of salty water, which could be the remnants of an ancient, subsurface ocean. [...]
    3. Jupiters Great Red Spot Is More Than 50 Times Deeper Than Earths Ocean
      Tue Dec 12 01:44:00 2017
      Jupiters Great Red Spot is more than 50 times deeper than Earths ocean. [...]
    4. ALMA finds massive primordial galaxies swimming in vast ocean of dark matter
      Wed Dec 6 12:20:28 2017
      New observations push back the epoch of massive-galaxy formation even further by identifying two giant galaxies seen when the universe was only 780 million years old, or about 5 percent its current age. [...]
    5. Discovery: Why Strange, Chalky Swirls Cover the Southern Ocean
      Wed Dec 6 06:00:00 2017
      Im in love with the cocco lithophores. [...]
    6. Pluto, Other Faraway Worlds May Have Buried Oceans
      Fri Dec 1 04:14:00 2017
      There may be a lot more potentially habitable worlds zooming through the cold depths of deep space than scientists had thought. [...]
    7. An Orbital Dance May Help Preserve Oceans on Icy Worlds
      Thu Nov 30 17:48:04 2017
      Heat generated by the gravitational pull of moons formed from massive collisions could extend the lifetimes of liquid water oceans beneath the surface of large icy worlds in our outer solar system, according to new NASA research. This greatly expands[...]
    8. Moons crust underwent resurfacing after forming from magma ocean
      Tue Nov 21 12:25:24 2017
      A research team took to the lab to recreate the magmatic melt that once formed the lunar surface and uncovered new insights on how the modern moonscape came to be. [...]
    9. Ocean-covered planets may not be the places to search for life
      Tue Nov 21 11:17:00 2017
      Looking for life in the universe has often come down to a search for water on other planets. But water worlds may not make enough of the nutrients life needs[...]
    10. Planet With Lava Oceans Also has an Atmosphere, Says New Study
      Fri Nov 17 16:24:48 2017
      A new study by scientists at NASA JPL has revealed that 55 Cancri e is not a lava planet after all, but actually has a thick, Earth-like atmosphere. The post Planet With Lava Oceans Also has an Atmosphere, Says New Study appeared first on Unive[...]

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