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    1. This is Kind of Sad. Astronomers Find a Failed Star Orbiting a Dead Star
      Thu Jun 15 13:31:27 2017
      A study by a team of international astronomers spotted something truly rare - a failed star orbiting a star near the end of its life The post This is Kind of Sad. Astronomers Find a Failed Star Orbiting a Dead Star appeared first on Universe To[...]
    2. Mistaken brown dwarf is actually two planets orbiting each other
      Wed Jun 14 11:53:00 2017
      New observations reveal a rare binary planet system made of two gas giants four times as massive as Jupiter that likely formed in the breakup of a protostar 10 million years ago[...]
    3. Orbiting space nation data centre could avoid all Earthly laws
      Tue Jun 13 03:30:00 2017
      The self-styled Asgardia space nation plans to launch a data-filled satellite this year. Could international space law stop them if they decided to go rogue?[...]
    4. Volunteers spot four super-Earths orbiting sun-like star
      Tue Apr 11 13:00:00 2017
      Zooniverses Exoplanet Explorers project invites citizen scientists to scour data from the Kepler spacecraft - within two days they found a planetary system[...]
    5. Super-Earth Orbiting M-Class Dwarf Star Has An Atmosphere Video
      Thu Apr 6 01:19:00 2017
      Astronomers studying the planet GJ 1132b using the 2.2 meter MPGESO in Chile have detected atmosphere. [...]
    6. One of Jupiters asteroid moons is orbiting backwards
      Wed Mar 29 16:06:00 2017
      As a rule, you can safely assume that moons and asteroids will all orbit in the same direction. If they didnt, interactions with their host would likely send them flying off course. However, its now clear that there are exceptions to this ru[...]
    7. Far Side Astronomy: Orbiting Telescope Would Use Moon as Shield
      Mon Mar 27 05:35:00 2017
      Out of darkness, there came the blazing light of the very first stars and galaxies in the universe and the best place to look back at them might be the far side of the moon. [...]
    8. NASA Just Found a Lost Spacecraft Orbiting the Moon
      Thu Mar 9 17:40:00 2017
      Much like George Clooney in Gravity , sometimes, spacecrafts meet unfortunate fatesthey get lost in space, and are almost always victims of the final frontier. But over the last few years, NASA has been having some real success locating wayward[...]
    9. Manned Orbiting Laboratory Declassified: Inside a US Military Space Station
      Sat Mar 4 11:16:00 2017
      At the peak of the space race when the Soviet Union was considered a threat, and the Beatles were a hot new band invading American music the United States had a partially classified human space program. It was called the Manned Orbiting Laborator[...]
    10. Huge News, Seven Earth-Sized Worlds Orbiting a Red Dwarf, Three in the Habitable Zone
      Wed Feb 22 14:06:43 2017
      In what is the biggest announcement in exoplanet-hunting history, NASA has announced the discovery of seven rocky exoplanets around a single star, three of which are potentially-habitable The post Huge News, Seven Earth-Sized Worlds Orbiting a R[...]

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