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    1. Moon Express and NanoRacks Partner on Lunar Payloads
      Wed Oct 18 11:48:00 2017
      Commercial lunar lander company Moon Express announced an agreement with NanoRacks Oct. 10 to carry commercial payloads to the surface of the moon. [...]
    2. Today in Space! July 7, 1961: Discoverer 26 Launches with Classified Payload
      Fri Jul 7 09:30:00 2017
      Find out what happened on July 7, 1961, when the U.S. Air Force launched the Discoverer 26 satellite. [...]
    3. NASA Wallops Balloons Astronomy Payload Crashes Back To Earth
      Mon Jun 12 08:18:33 2017
      BETTII Balloon Mission Ends in Failure "At the conclusion of the mission Friday, June 9, NASA conducted an analysis of atmospheric conditions and a survey of the operational area as part of a safety analysis in preparation for flig[...]
    4. Chinas First Payload Arrives at the ISS
      Tue Jun 6 09:25:47 2017
      NanoRacks Prepares Activation of Historic Chinese Research, 25 Experiments Onboard International Space Station , Nanoracks "After Saturdays launch to the International Space Station ISS, SpaceXs Dragon was successfully berthed an[...]
    5. NASA Has Rocket Problems But Its Payload Science Is Cutting Edge
      Fri May 19 08:19:58 2017
      Keiths note: Reading NASAWatch you might think that this site has a preoccupation with clumsy projects like SLS that are over budget, behind schedule, and lacking in terms of mission focus. That is not representative of NASA as a wh[...]
    6. Arianespace Soyuz Orbits SES-15 Carrying FAA Hosted Payload
      Fri May 19 01:51:00 2017
      Arianespace launched a Soyuz rocket May 18 from Europes space center in French Guiana, carrying the electrically propelled SES-15 satellite to geostationary transfer orbit. [...]
    7. Spaceflight Purchase Electron Launch for Medium-Inclination Payloads
      Thu May 18 00:22:00 2017
      Spaceflight, a company that arranges launches for small satellites, announced May 17 is it purchasing a launch from Rocket Lab for payloads seeking access to a less common orbit. [...]
    8. NASA Awards Commercial Payload Processing Contract
      Thu Apr 13 15:18:00 2017
      NASA has selected Astrotech Space Operations, LLC, of Titusville, Florida, to provide commercial payload processing services for agency missions launching from NASAs Kennedy Space Center and Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida.[...]
    9. NASA Seeks Information on Commercial Mars Payload Services
      Sat Mar 11 07:53:00 2017
      Planning a mission to Mars and have some extra payload space? NASA would like to hear from you. [...]
    10. NASA Seeks Payload Ideas for Mystery Satellite
      Sun Mar 5 07:00:00 2017
      NASA is soliciting concepts for payloads that could fly on a mysterious satellite it is in discussions to inherit from another government agency. [...]

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