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    1. Elon Musk Wants Giant SpaceX Spaceship to Fly People to Mars by 2024
      Fri Sep 29 00:35:00 2017
      Elon Musk wants his company SpaceX to start robotic Mars flights by 2022 and land people on the Red Planet in 2024 using a giant "BFR" spaceship that could also fly to the moon, Earth orbit and other places on our planet. [...]
    2. People of Earth: A Comedy of Alien Proportions Photos
      Wed Aug 30 08:21:00 2017
      In "People of Earth," a show now in its second season on TBS, a reporter investigates a support group for alien abductees, known as "experiencers". [...]
    3. Why People of Earth Abducts Our Hearts: Q&A with Jeff the Grey Actor Ken Hall
      Wed Aug 30 00:14:00 2017
      Now in its second season, the 30-minute TBS show "People of Earth" has proved that its more than a quirky comedy built on an absurd premise: a reporter investigating a support group for alien abductees though they prefer the term "experiencers". [...]
    4. Imagine All the People: When Cassini Looked Back at Earth
      Mon Jul 24 03:03:00 2017
      On July 19, 2013, the Cassini-Huygens mission took a composite image of Saturns rings with Venus, Mars, Earth and the moon in the background and people on Earth waved at the distant camera. [...]
    5. Elon Musk Would Like People to Hurry Up and Start Dying on the Moon Also
      Wed Jul 19 18:21:00 2017
      Tesla CEO Elon Musk, whose prior plan for stellar colonization involved sending people who are not Elon Musk to go die on Mars , thinks this noble endeavor will require a practice round of sending people to die on the Moon first. a href="https:[...]
    6. Drone noise is driving people crazy
      Tue Jul 18 12:22:00 2017
      Do drones characteristic lawnmower-on-helium sounds drive you batty? Youre not alone. NASA researchers have conducted a study indicating that people find drone noise more annoying than that of any ground vehicle, even when you put the tw[...]
    7. Elon Musk: Regulate AI Before Robots Start Killing People
      Mon Jul 17 04:49:00 2017
      Elon Musk has urged a gathering of governors to regulate artificial intelligence now, before potentially dangerous outcomes start occurring. [...]
    8. FWIW NASA Does Not Pay People To Smoke Marijuana
      Sat May 27 10:04:22 2017
      NASA Wont Pay You to Smoke Weed "Q: Does NASA pay 18,000 for people to stay in bed and smoke weed for 70 straight days? A: No. NASA conducts bed-rest studies, but it does not allow participants to smoke marijuana or even drin[...]
    9. Neil deGrasse Tyson Talks Astrophysics for People in a Hurry
      Tue May 9 11:01:00 2017
      Black holes, quantum mechanics and other big science topics get the bite-size treatment in science communicator Neil deGrasse Tysons new book, "Astrophysics for People in a Hurry." [...]
    10. 3 Planet-Hunters Make Times List of 100 Most Influential People
      Sun Apr 23 07:20:00 2017
      Planet-hunters Natalie Batalha, Michael Gillon and Guillem Anglada-Escud have been named to Time magazines annual list of the 100 most influential people for their exoplanet research. [...]

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