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    1. The Most Amazing Space Photos This Week!
      Sat Oct 21 07:00:00 2017
      Here are our picks for the most amazing space photos of the week. [...]
    2. Twice Flown SpaceX Booster Sails Proudly into Port Canaveral at Sunrise 3 Days After Sunset Launch and Droneship Landing: Photos
      Mon Oct 16 22:58:39 2017
      PORT CANAVERALKENNEDY SPACE CENTER, FL - The now twice flown SpaceX first stage booster that successfully delivered the SES-11 UHDTV satellite to orbit Wednesday, Oct 11, sailed proudly back home into Port Canaveral during a beautiful Sunday sunri[...]
    3. Satellite Photos of Californias Devastating Wildfires Gallery
      Fri Oct 13 05:20:00 2017
      As wildfires engulfed northern Californias wine country, NASA satellites monitored the flames and smoke from space. [...]
    4. CO2 Satellite: NASAs Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2 Mission in Photos
      Thu Oct 12 02:14:00 2017
      NASAs Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2 OCO-2 will study atmospheric carbon dioxide from space. See images and photos from the carbon-hunting mission in this gallery. [...]
    5. California Wildfires Continue to Rage Satellite Photos
      Thu Oct 12 01:16:00 2017
      Wildfires continue to burn a path of destruction through Californias wine country, as two new satellite photos show. [...]
    6. New York Comic Con 2017! The Most Amazing Space Cosplay Photos
      Mon Oct 9 09:21:00 2017
      The Force is strong at at New York Comic Con 2017 in New York City. Check out the most amazing space cosplayers who brought science fiction to the Big Apple! [...]
    7. In Photos: Astronauts from China and Europe Take Sea Survival Challenge
      Thu Oct 5 09:24:00 2017
      On Aug. 14, 2017, European Space Agency ESA astronauts Samantha Crisoforetti and Matthias Maurer trained with their counterparts with the China National Space Administration CNSA in Yantai, China. See photos of the historic joint exercise. [...]
    8. Sputnik 1, Earths First Artificial Satellite Photos
      Wed Oct 4 06:17:00 2017
      On Oct. 4, 1957, the former Soviet Union successfully launched Sputnik 1, the first human-made object to enter Earths orbit. [...]
    9. Puerto Ricos Dramatic Power Loss Shown in Satellite Photos
      Mon Oct 2 01:43:00 2017
      A NASANOAA satellite captured images of Puerto Rico that reveal regions that are without power, due to Hurricane Maria. The images were then used to assist first responders on the island. [...]
    10. In Photos: VP Mike Pence Calls Astronauts from NASA Marshall Space Flight Center
      Thu Sep 28 00:14:00 2017
      On Sept. 25, 2017, Vice President Mike Pence visited NASAs Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama to learn about the Space Launch System and speak with astronauts in space. See photos from his visit here. [...]

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