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    1. Pope Francis and Expedition 53 Crew Exchange Thoughts About Humanitys Deepest and Oldest Questions
      Thu Oct 26 17:15:07 2017
      In the middle of a workday where the Expedition 53 crew performed a routine emergency drill and additional ocular ultrasounds to map any eye changes, there was, most certainly, a higher phone call that actually came from more than 200 miles below t[...]
    2. Hello to the Heavens: Pope Francis Phones the Space Station
      Thu Oct 26 10:35:00 2017
      Pope Francis made a phone call to the International Space Station today Oct. 26 to ask its six occupants deep questions about humanitys place in the universe. [...]
    3. Vatican Calling: Pope Francis Will Speak with Space Station Astronauts on Thursday
      Wed Oct 25 01:52:00 2017
      Pope Francis is planning to make a call to the International Space Station tomorrow Oct. 26 to speak with Expedition 53 crewmembers. [...]

    1. How Reagan Thatcher Pope John Paul II Won Cold War

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