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    1. Vector Space Systems Small Rockets, Small Satellites and Possibly a Big Payday
      Thu Jul 13 12:50:03 2017
      In 2016 Jim Cantrell and group of veteran space professionals started Vector Space Systems. Their goal? Nothing less than than building a small satellite launch company capable of launching upwards of 100 small satellites a year from at least three [...]
    2. Moving Black Hole Possibly Spotted in Far Away Galaxy Video
      Fri May 19 05:04:00 2017
      Astronomers may have found a supermassive black hole on the move in an elliptical galaxy 3.9 billion light years away. [...]
    3. Quantum Effect Predicted In 1930s Possibly Observed For First Time Video
      Wed Nov 30 11:00:00 2016
      The effect, called vacuum birefringence, comes from the theory of quantum electrodynamics QED and predicts that strong magnetic fields could polarize light in a vacuum. [...]
    4. The brightest stellar wildfire hosts impossibly huge stars
      Mon Aug 15 09:00:22 2016
      The 30 Doradus nebula is forming stars in a flat-out sprint, outpacing the local Milky Way by four orders of magnitude. Bring sunblock[...]

    1. Soliton Wave in Space Found
    2. Richard Garriott Part II
    3. NASA Cassini Possibly Finds Water

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